1.5 Kişilik Yatak ve Özellikleri

1.5 Person Bed and Features

The quality of sleep, which directly affects physical and mental performance, is very important. For a healthy sleep experience, the bed used should be suitable for the person's physical characteristics such as height and weight. In recent years, various bed sizes have emerged in line with different needs. Apart from normal single and double beds, 1.5-person beds have been highly preferred!

Double beds have bed types such as king size, quenn size, king size bed according to bed sizes. There are also bed models that are specially produced according to the height and weight of the person. The 1.5-person beds, which have emerged as a result of the size of the single beds starting to become small, are very useful for those who have a suitable place. For those who find the single bed small and the double bed large, the 1.5 person bed has ideal dimensions.

Features of the 1.5 Person Bed

The quality, material, fabric and size of the bed are large for a comfortable sleeping experience. it matters! It is necessary to choose a bed that will meet the needs of the person and offer comfortable sleep. A healthy sleeping environment should be created based on the size of the bedroom when choosing a bed and bed/base. Considering the average human height, the arm span and freedom of movement in the bed should be comfortable. 1.5 person bed models are special for those who want a wider bed than a single bed, except for standard sizes. Especially those who are in the transition period from childhood to adolescence and those who prefer the use of wide beds tend to prefer 1.5-person beds.

We can say that the dimensions of 1.5-person beds are slightly wider and longer than single beds. Although it varies from brand to brand, these beds usually have 120x200 or 140x190 dimensions. Bedsteads or bases suitable for 1.5-person beds are produced, and it will be beneficial to design the bedroom according to these dimensions.

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