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Morpho Baby Bed

Morpho Baby Bed

With its soft texture and organic structure, it allows your child to sleep comfortably throughout the night. The special liquid-proof fabric structure protects you from unexpected accidents.
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Mattress Firmness Degree

Soft Medium Soft Medium Hard

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Unique Layers of Morpho Original

  • Liquid Impermeable Fabric

    Liquid Impermeable Fabric

    Morpho baby bed fabric, produced in 100% organic form and specially prepared, always predicts unfortunate accidents and is liquid proof. It can be easily removed and washed.

  • Sleep Layer

    Sleep Layer

    The ultra-soft surface with a density of 23 Dns at a height of 5 cm provides the perfect sleeping environment for your child.

  • Spring Support Layer

    Spring Support Layer

    The 10 cm high, ultra-precisely designed spring structure minimizes the disturbances that may occur during night movements.

  • Sleep Layer

    Sleep Layer

    When desired, the Morpho baby bed cover can be removed and the bed surface can be turned to be used on both sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Morpho baby bed in visco structure?

    The sponge structure in the Morpho baby bed is an anti-bacterial sponge specially prepared for child development. It is not visco. Visco sponges are not recommended as they are not suitable for child development.

  • Does Morpho baby mattress contain harmful components?

    As with all Morpho products, Morpho baby beds are produced away from solvent-based chemicals.

  • Can Morpho baby bed be used on both sides?

    Morpho baby bed is designed with comfort sponge that will make your baby comfortable on both surfaces, you can use both surfaces with pleasure.

  • Can the Morpho baby bed cover be removed?

    Morpho baby bed cover can be easily removed and washed many times or dry cleaned.

  • How long is the warranty period of Morpho baby bed?

    Morpho baby beds are covered by Morpho Sleep warranty for 2 years.

  • Is the Morpho baby mattress firmness suitable for my child?

    Morpho baby bed is neither hard nor soft as experts recommend. The medium hard Morpho baby mattress is soft enough that the baby does not sink into it and does not prevent breathing.