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Morpho Premium Latex Mattress

Morpho Premium Latex Mattress

Premium Latex series mattress, designed for a natural sleep, offers you a perfect sleep thanks to the specially produced latex layer of 5 cm thickness with SevenZone feature, while together with its Tencel licensed fabric outer surface, it offers you the most comfortable sleep. invites you to natural sleep. Premium Latex series is produced with 3 special layers and has a total thickness of 19 cm.
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Unique Layers of Morpho Premium Latex Mattress

  • 1 - Tencel Fabric Surface

    1 - Tencel Fabric Surface

    Tencel-licensed fabric surface offers natural comfort during sleep. Thanks to its superior moisture management and softness, it helps to increase your sleep quality by keeping you cool.

  • 2 - Latex Layer

    2 - Latex Layer

    The natural latex layer with the SevenZone feature, which supports every part of the body by applying different pressure, is 5 cm thick and creates maximum air circulation during sleep thanks to the air channels inside.

  • 3 - Comfort Layer

    3 - Comfort Layer

    Hyper soft sponge with a thickness of 4 cm has high flexibility and is designed to provide extra comfort to your mattress thanks to its soft structure.

  • 4 - Support Layer

    4 - Support Layer

    Thanks to the air channels in this layer, which is 10 cm thick and has a high density of 28 dns, it is sensitive to high pressures and allows you to use your mattress for many years.

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

Our healthy sleep tips

Healthy Spinal Cord

The main cause of low back and back problems is probably the hard mattress you use pushing you against your weight. That's why your whole body load is on your spine. Morpho latex and visco mattresses, on the other hand, take shape according to your pressure points and keep your spine upright just like you are standing. In this way, you can sleep more comfortably by supporting your waist, back and neck area at the maximum level.

Healthy Sleep

Morpho latex and visco mattresses reduce involuntary rotational movements that occur during the night. Thanks to its open cell structure, it provides air circulation throughout the night. In this way, you will experience uninterrupted sleep.

Healthy Bed

Morpho latex and visco mattresses contain foam layers that are sensitive to heat and pressure. These layers are activated by body heat and pressure. In this way, your bed takes the shape of your body and takes shape until it becomes ergonomic according to its structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a latex mattress?

    Latex mattresses are mattresses in which latex material is used during the production phase. The latex substance can be found in a certain amount or in the entire product. This amount determines the flexibility and budget of the product.

  • What is Tencel, what are its benefits?

    Tencel appears as a special product of a brand headquartered in Austria. It is produced from wood pulp as cellulosic fiber and is natural. Due to its natural nature, it has a structure that is breathable and does not sweat the body. Therefore, it provides natural comfort to users.

  • What are the advantages of using latex mattresses?

    Latex material has a relaxing and resting function on the muscle structure. It is accepted worldwide as it is a completely natural material and a healthy raw material. In addition, latex is the material with the highest air permeability and thus provides air circulation and cooling during sleep.

  • How many layers does the Morpho Lateks Premium mattress consist of, what does it contain?

    Our Morpho Lateks Premium series mattress consists of a total of 4 unique layers. For detailed information about layers, please click here.

  • What should be considered when buying a latex mattress?

    The most important thing to consider when buying a latex mattress is the origin of the latex material used in the product. Raw materials of European origin, which we prefer as Morpho Sleep, should be preferred. Another important issue is the thickness of the latex layer used. Unfortunately; It is known that many products on sale under the name of "latex mattress" do not reflect the truth and are only 1-2 cm thick, manufactured using unsuitable latex materials. Therefore, when purchasing a latex mattress, brands that have been tried and reviewed by many users should be preferred.

  • Why are latex mattresses priced higher?

    Latex material is a material that is not produced in our country and is imported within certain quotas and borders, all from abroad. In this context; Today's economic conditions and the balances in the world latex market cause the pricing of products using latex to be high.