Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a visco mattress?

    Mattresses produced with visco material are called visco mattresses. Memory foam, also known as memory foam, is a technology developed by the American Space Research Agency (NASA) in the 1960s to reduce the load and pressure on the spine during the travels of astronauts. In the following years, it was presented to the industry environment due to its convenience and functionality. Visco, as it is known, is the name of the sponge that takes the shape of our body when we touch or lie down. Visco Elastic material softens and takes the shape of your body after your pressure on the mattress together with the weight and temperature of your body. Moreover; Since visco mattresses have an open-celled structure, they are extremely resistant to bacteria compared to ordinary mattresses in terms of hygiene, and do not contain mold, mites, and odors caused by microbes. Morpho adult mattresses and pillows are produced on the basis of visco material.

  • Are visco mattresses harmful to health?

    Visco mattresses take the shape of the user's body during sleep, apply pressure to all points of the body, and thus provide healthy blood circulation. For this reason, visco mattresses offer the healthiest sleep.

  • Are all Visco mattresses the same?

    Each visco bed has different properties due to the components used in it. In general terms, although each is called a visco bed, it may differ fundamentally. The most standard of these varieties is the basic visco sponge material known as Visco. In addition, there are different types of further developed viscos such as Visco Cellpur®, Visco Gel, which are also used in Morpho beds.

  • What should be the correct Visco thickness?

    Visco thickness is the most basic element that determines the budget of the product. Visco takes the shape of the user's body due to its structure, as the visco in the mattress you buy becomes thicker, your situation of sinking into the mattress will increase and dissatisfaction will arise instead of comfort. For this reason, choosing mattresses with a visco layer between a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 cm, which is the healthiest visco thickness, will bring the healthiest sleep. However, it is not recommended to be used in viscose used under 3 cm, as it cannot fulfill its real purpose of use.

  • How to understand the best Visco mattress?

    The best visco mattress material quality should be evaluated with the "raw material certificate used", the manufacturer and after-sales support. For these reasons, we aim to be the best visco mattress brand as well as trying to be the best mattress brand.

  • Can I buy a bed online?

    As the Morpho team, we think that this is the right one. Because what you see in a store and it takes an average of 15-20 minutes. How healthy can it be to buy a mattress that you have had the opportunity to review? That's why the mattress is bought from our site, which actually offers you a trial period of 100 days.

  • What sets Morpho apart from other brands?

    The ingredients used in all Morpho products are carefully determined. Our aim is to produce the healthiest products in a cost-benefit balance. All Morpho products are composed of components under the licenses of Viscojel® Coolmax® Cellpur® Sanitized® and hygienic and healthy sleep is taken as the basis for production purpose.

  • How many years are Morpho mattresses under warranty?

    Morpho Visco mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty. You can easily find more detailed information about the warranty conditions in the contracts section.

  • Do Morpho mattresses contain harmful ingredients?

    Solvent-based chemical solvents that are used in approximately 95% of the mattress production industry are not used while producing Morpho visco mattresses. Hotmelt method is used in the production of Morpho beds, which is much more costly and the production process is much more difficult.

  • Where can I buy a Morpho mattress?

    You can only purchase Morpho products from for now, the aim of this is to stay away from store costs and to offer the most suitable products for our customers' budgets.

  • How long does it take for Morpho mattresses to be delivered?

    Morpho mattresses are delivered to the door of our customer with Horoz Logistics company within 3-5 working days free of charge all over Turkey. For orders within Istanbul, we deliver within 24 hours with our own teams.

  • How are Morpho beds delivered?

    After the production of Morpho visco mattresses is finished, they are pressed, vacuumed and wrapped in rolls and put in a special box. This form of packaging, known as Roll Pack, does not harm the product form at all, since the product is produced from visco materials.

  • How to clean Morpho mattresses?

    The outer surface of Morpho mattresses is in the form of a special cover, you can wash the zippered outer cover at 30 degrees delicate washing mode or have it dry cleaned.

  • Can only one side of Morpho beds be used?

    The upper surfaces of Morpho beds are completely equipped with visco technology. Our Morpho Pupa and Hecuba series products have one-sided use, and our Morpho Original series product can be used with the other, harder surface if desired. What you need to do for this is to remove the cover of your Morpho Original mattress and turn it upside down.

  • Can I make installments on my credit card when purchasing a Morpho mattress?

    All transactions made on the site are under the guarantee of the Iyzico payment platform, and installments up to 9 months are offered to all credit cards.

  • How do I install the Morpho bed?

    Maybe this will be the most enjoyable and easiest for you. All you have to do is take the product out of its box, lay it on the platform you will use, and open the vacuum package on it, taking care not to damage the product. Your bed will be ready for use in a very short time.

  • Where are Morpho beds produced?

    All Morpho products are produced in Turkey.

  • Do I need to get a document for warranty?

    The invoice sent to you together with the product you purchased is a guarantee document. Apart from this, you will not need any documents for the Morpho warranty. In accordance with KVKK, we will keep your invoice for you within the specified period.

  • Which mattress brands are sold on your website?

    There is no mattress sale on our website other than the Morpho Sleep brand.

  • How are the prices of single orthopedic mattresses and double orthopedic mattresses determined?

    As we strive to offer the best orthopedic mattress to our valued customers, we should state at the outset that we try to keep the prices as reasonable as possible. Orthopedic mattress prices are priced based on the materials used, workmanship and after-sales operations, and we try to offer you discounted purchases in line with our periodic orthopedic mattress campaigns.

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