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Baby Park Bed

One of the most important issues that concern parents is undoubtedly to meet the needs of their future babies completely. It is extremely important to make conscious choices based on the development of the baby during the hectic but equally enjoyable shopping process. sleep and nutrition systems have a direct effect on many vital systems such as muscle-bone and immunity. For these reasons, it would be right for prospective parents to conduct a detailed research and turn to products suitable for health. Specially designed park beds offer a very comfortable ease of use so that babies can move and spend time safely when they get a little older!

Park Mattress Features

The park beds are spacious and comfortable, and they are not sharp. With its corners and mostly netted edges, it creates a safe area for babies. These beds, also known as the "playground", are among the most preferred products recently! Ergonomic design and being able to be carried to the desired place with ease are among the reasons for choosing the park bed. It would be more correct to turn to lightly structured, easily foldable models when buying a Park mattress. In addition to being prominent with its width and practicality, it is also suitable for the health of babies. The air pores in the park mattresses prevent harmful formations such as bacteria, mold and fungus and prepare the ground for a hygienic environment. Park beds, which can be used easily from newborn to about 5 years old, can be used by enriching with toys that support motor development. At the same time, these beds provide a great advantage for parents when they are on vacation or for short stays. The ability to rock the park bed back and forth also helps babies fall asleep easily. Some park bed models have extra features such as music, vibration and toys. Especially for active babies, it is possible to say that these beds are perfect! Generally, these beds are capable of carrying up to 15 kg. It is of great importance that the bed to be placed in the park beds is suitable for the characteristics and health of the baby. The fact that the mattress to be preferred is not too soft is an important criterion for the baby not to be buried in the mattress.

Morpho Sleep, which is specially produced for babies with its organic and liquid-proof special fabric structure, Baby Mattress has three different degrees of hardness: soft, medium soft, medium hard. . The cover of the Morpho baby bed, which offers the perfect sleeping environment for babies, can be removed and washed when desired. It can also be used on both sides by reversing the bed surface. The baby bed, which does not contain any harmful chemicals, also offers variety with 60x120, 70x140, 80x130 bed sizes. You can check the Morpho Sleep baby bed link below to choose the right bed for your baby!

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