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Morpho Visco Pillow

Morpho Visco Pillow

Thanks to the air-channel visco layer in the Morpho Visco Pillow, you will have a very peaceful sleep throughout the night. Do not be late to try the Morpho pillow, which promises you a perfect sleep by taking the shape of your neck and head area during your sleep. Morpho visco pillows are carefully produced for you with their breathable, skin-friendly and Sanitized licensed outer fabric surface. You can easily remove and wash the outer surface if you wish.
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Morpho Visco Pillow Layers

  • Non Sweaty Special Fabric

    Non Sweaty Special Fabric

    The fabric surface prepared with Sanitized® technology prevents sweating by providing heat control during sleep. It has washable feature.

  • Inner Lining Layer

    Inner Lining Layer

    Thanks to the inner lining layer, it provides healthier operation of the air channels and more hygienic sleep.

  • Air Channel Visco Layer

    Air Channel Visco Layer

    Thanks to the open air channels on it, it prevents temperature changes during sleep and allows you to sleep comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Morpho Visco pillow content?

    Morpho Visco pillow is prepared with closed cell visco structure and offers you a fresh sleep thanks to the special air channels on it.

  • Is Morpho Visco pillow orthopedic?

    Morpho Visco pillow is pressure sensitive. When you put your head on the pillow, it will take the shape of your head and will provide you a comfortable sleep as it will support the space in your head and neck area.

  • What are Morpho Visco pillow sizes?

    Morpho Visco pillow is produced in the dimensions of 40cm x 60cm x 18cm(+-1cm).

  • What is the feature of Morpho Visco pillowcase?

    Morpho Visco pillow cover has a Sanitized® licensed fabric. It prevents the formation of bacteria with the hygiene finish inside.

  • Can the Morpho Visco pillow cover be washed?

    The cover of your Morpho Visco pillow can be removed and washed whenever you wish, thanks to its zippered structure.

  • How long is the trial period for Morpho Visco pillow?

    Morpho Visco pillow does not have a set trial period. For detailed information about return and exchange conditions, please read our company's Return Policy.

  • Do Morpho Sleep Visco pillows have anti-sweat feature?

    As the Morpho Sleep family, the summer heat; We know how badly it affects your sleep experience and how difficult it is for you to sleep with pillow fabrics that are not suitable for the season. Visco pillows designed by Morpho Sleep for the best sleep experience, together with their antiperspirant structure, offer you a quality sleep in summer as well.