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Morpho Original Visco Mattress

Morpho Original Visco Mattress

Designed for perfect comfort and a healthy sleep, the Original series, which takes the shape of your body with your body temperature and weight, is 23 cm high. It provides maximum cooling with its licensed Coolmax® fabric surface and ViscoCool Gel® technology on its top layer. Meet the Original series, the top segment model of Morpho.
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Unique Layers of Morpho Original

  • 1 - Coolness All Night

    1 - Coolness All Night

    Coolmax® licensed ultra-light fabric, 4-channel fiber structure and fiber inside allow you to reach maximum coolness all night long and prevent sweating.

  • 2 - Visco Gel Layer

    2 - Visco Gel Layer

    Thanks to the gel particles in the 4 cm high Visco Cool Gel® layer, it provides a cooling effect and provides you with the most peaceful sleep by creating a heat balance.

  • 3 - Comfort Layer

    3 - Comfort Layer

    This 5 cm high layer is a complementary comfort element for every sleeping position and body type. This layer also provides air circulation thanks to its open pores.

  • 4 - Support Layer

    4 - Support Layer

    This layer, which is 10 cm high, has support points and air channels on it, supports the waist, shoulder and hip areas, aligns your spine and offers you a perfect sleep.

  • 5 - Hard Surface Layer

    5 - Hard Surface Layer

    This 4 cm high layer is designed for those who are looking for a harder sleeping floor. This surface will provide you with extra comfort whenever you wish.

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

Our healthy sleep tips

Healthy Spinal Cord

The main cause of low back and back problems is probably the hard mattress you use pushing you against your weight. That's why your whole body load is on your spine. Morpho latex and visco mattresses, on the other hand, take shape according to your pressure points and keep your spine upright just like you are standing. In this way, you can sleep more comfortably by supporting your waist, back and neck area at the maximum level.

Healthy Sleep

Morpho latex and visco mattresses reduce involuntary rotational movements that occur during the night. Thanks to its open cell structure, it provides air circulation throughout the night. In this way, you will experience uninterrupted sleep.

Healthy Bed

Morpho latex and visco mattresses contain foam layers that are sensitive to heat and pressure. These layers are activated by body heat and pressure. In this way, your bed takes the shape of your body and takes shape until it becomes ergonomic according to its structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Visco Cool Gel®?

    Visco Cool Gel® is the latest in Visco technology and is the most costly visco sponge. It contains gel particles and offers the user a heat-sensitive cool sleep as well as visco comfort. It is a licensed Visco sponge technology.

  • What is Coolmax® Fabric?

    The licensed Coolmax® fabric used in our Original series has a 3-dimensional appearance and is a fabric structure that allows the body to consume less energy. It is produced exclusively for Morpho beds. Due to its washable and fibrous structure, it dries much faster than normal fabrics.

  • How tall is the Morpho Original mattress?

    Our Morpho Original series mattress is 23 cm high and has 4 cm high ViscoJel® on its top layer.

  • How many layers does the Morpho Original mattress consist of?

    Our Morpho Original series mattress consists of a total of 5 unique layers. For detailed information about layers, please click here.

  • Can we use the Morpho Original mattress on both sides?

    While the Visco gel® layer on the Morpho Original series upper surface offers you a unique sleep, there is a 5 cm high 28 DNS density sponge on the other surface for our users who want to sleep on a harder floor. You can also use this surface if you wish.

  • Do Morpho Sleep Visco mattresses have anti-sweating feature?

    As the Morpho Sleep family, the summer heat; We know how unsuitable mattress fabrics and mattress sponges affect your sleep experience and how difficult it is for you to sleep. Morpho Sleep Original Visco mattresses, designed by Morpho Sleep for the best sleep experience, offer you a quality sleep in summer with their antiperspirant structures.