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Morpho Pupa Visco Hybrid Mattress

Morpho Pupa Visco Hybrid Mattress

Pupa series, which is activated by body temperature and weight for a comfortable sleep, is 22 cm high. Meet the Morpho Pupa Hybrid series, which offers you a completely hygienic sleep with its visco layer and licensed Sanitized® fabric surface
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Unique Layers of Morpho Pupa

  • 1 - Fabric Surface

    1 - Fabric Surface

    The fabric surface produced with Sanitized® licensed hygiene technology creates a safe and healthy sleep environment.

  • 2 - Visco Layer

    2 - Visco Layer

    The high sensitive visco layer of 4 cm thickness integrates with your body and takes its shape, supporting your waist and spinal cord.

  • 3 - Bag Spring Upper Support Layer

    3 - Bag Spring Upper Support Layer

    It is designed to present the reaction created by the bag spring technology in the lower layer in the right proportion to the body, it is 2 cm high.

  • 4 - Bag Spring Technology

    4 - Bag Spring Technology

    Specially designed pocket springs with a height of 14 cm and a thickness of 1.8 mm minimize the movements of couples during sleep and ensure that they are not affected by each other.

  • 5 - Bag Spring Bottom Support Layer

    5 - Bag Spring Bottom Support Layer

    The 2 cm high, medium-hard sponge structure that forms the bottom layer of the bag spring system absorbs the hardness on the platform and contributes to the perfect operation of the bag spring system.

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

Our healthy sleep tips

Healthy Spinal Cord

The main cause of low back and back problems is probably the hard mattress you use pushing you against your weight. That's why your whole body load is on your spine. Morpho latex and visco mattresses, on the other hand, take shape according to your pressure points and keep your spine upright just like you are standing. In this way, you can sleep more comfortably by supporting your waist, back and neck area at the maximum level.

Healthy Sleep

Morpho latex and visco mattresses reduce involuntary rotational movements that occur during the night. Thanks to its open cell structure, it provides air circulation throughout the night. In this way, you will experience uninterrupted sleep.

Healthy Bed

Morpho latex and visco mattresses contain foam layers that are sensitive to heat and pressure. These layers are activated by body heat and pressure. In this way, your bed takes the shape of your body and takes shape until it becomes ergonomic according to its structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a hybrid mattress?

    Hybrid mattresses are mattresses where visco and bag spring technology are used at the same time, two components are used at the same time. While experiencing the Visco experience, you can reach the comfort of the bag spring technology. Our Morpho Pupa series mattress is a Visco Hybrid mattress.

  • What is sanitized fabric?

    It is a 3-dimensional fabric with cotton polyester content, formed by the combination of surface, ground and filling material. It has high air permeability with its soft, plump and flexible structure. It is an effective solution to prevent bacteria, mold, dust and allergens found in bedding fabric with its hygiene finish.

  • What is the bag spring system?

    Bag spring technology has been created to provide different support points in different areas on your mattress, Morpho Pupa series has 280 springs in 1 m2 and each of them moves independently of each other.

  • How high is the Morpho Pupa mattress?

    Our Morpho Pupa series has a total height of 22 cm with the visco layer of 4 cm height on it.

  • How many layers does the Morpho Pupa bed consist of?

    Our Morpho Pupa series mattress consists of a total of 5 unique layers. For detailed information about layers, please click here.

  • Do Morpho Sleep Visco mattresses have anti-sweating feature?

    As the Morpho Sleep family, the summer heat; We know how unsuitable mattress fabrics and mattress sponges affect your sleep experience and how difficult it is for you to sleep. Morpho Sleep Pupa Visco mattresses, designed by Morpho Sleep for the best sleep experience, offer you a quality sleep in summer with their antiperspirant structures.