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Morpho Visco Mattress Pad

Morpho Visco Mattress Pad

With its Tencel licensed fabric outer surface and 4cm high soft Visco texture, Morpho Visco Mattress Pad, which does not contain harmful chemical components, increases the comfort of your mattress while protecting your mattress. and Morpho Sleep allows you to feel the comfort at the highest level.
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The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

The healthiest mattress for all sleeping positions

Our healthy sleep tips

Healthy Spinal Cord

The main cause of low back and back problems is probably the hard mattress you use pushing you against your weight. That's why your whole body load is on your spine. Morpho latex and visco mattresses, on the other hand, take shape according to your pressure points and keep your spine upright just like you are standing. In this way, you can sleep more comfortably by supporting your waist, back and neck area at the maximum level.

Healthy Sleep

Morpho latex and visco mattresses reduce involuntary rotational movements that occur during the night. Thanks to its open cell structure, it provides air circulation throughout the night. In this way, you will experience uninterrupted sleep.

Healthy Bed

Morpho latex and visco mattresses contain foam layers that are sensitive to heat and pressure. These layers are activated by body heat and pressure. In this way, your bed takes the shape of your body and takes shape until it becomes ergonomic according to its structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Morpho Visco Mattress Pad product do?

    Morpho Visco Mattress Pad product basically has 3 different functions. It protects your bed against external factors, increases the height of your bed and maximizes the comfort of the bed.

  • What is Tencel, what are its benefits?

    Tencel appears as a special product of a brand headquartered in Austria. It is produced from wood pulp as cellulosic fiber and is natural. Due to its natural nature, it has a structure that is breathable and does not sweat the body. Therefore, it provides natural comfort to users.

  • What is the hardness level of Morpho Visco Mattress Pad?

    Morpho Visco Mattress Pad product is a medium soft protector that takes the shape of your body over time.

  • Does the fabric of Morpho Visco Mattress Pad contain harmful components?

    Our product has the internationally recognized Oeko-Tex certificate, does not contain harmful chemicals and is produced in accordance with environmental standards.

  • How to use Morpho Visco Mattress Pad product?

    Our Morpho Visco Mattress Pad product has specially designed rubber holders at four corners. The tires are adjusted according to the thickness of the mattress, so you can fix the sleeping pad by inserting the tires through the corners of all mattress types.

  • Can Morpho Visco Mattress Pad be washed?

    It is not recommended to wash our product, it is better to wipe it with a damp cloth.