• This membership agreement prepared by us (“Agreement< /b>") Güneşli, EVREN MAH.CAMİYOLU CAD.56 A KAT:4 BAĞCILAR/İSTANBUL, located in Asanlar Gayrimenkul San. and Tic. Inc. and the user who is a member of the website (“Member”) to determine the terms and rules regarding the use of the website and membership and to determine the terms of use of the member.

  • 2.1 The Member declares and undertakes that the personal and other information provided while subscribing to the website is correct before the law, and that Morpho Sleep will indemnify all damages incurred due to the inaccuracy of this information. The Member accepts that the Agreement may be terminated unilaterally by Morpho Sleep without any notice or warning and without compensation if he/she gives false information.

    2.2 The member cannot give the password given to him by Morpho Sleep to other persons or organizations, the member has the right to use the password in question. The e-mail address given during registration is specific to the member and has the opportunity to create a single membership. Morpho Sleep reserves the right to claim all kinds of compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use against all claims and demands that may be brought against Morpho Sleep by third parties or authorized authorities with all liability that may arise for this reason. The Member accepts and undertakes in advance to comply with the provisions of the legal regulations and not to violate them while using the website. Otherwise, all legal and penal liabilities to arise will completely and exclusively bind the member.

    2.3 Changing the content of the Morpho Sleep site at any time, reserves the right to change or terminate any service.

    2.4 The member does not use the website of others for any illegal purpose in any way. cannot use it in a way that infringes the intellectual and copyrights. In addition, the member cannot engage in activities (spam, viruses, trojan horses, etc.) and actions that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services. Member, information, document, software, design, graphic, text, visual, video etc. on and all rights belong to Morpho Sleep. accepts and undertakes not to copy, reproduce, publish or market the works and any content. These cannot be used, acquired or changed by the member without permission. The member agrees not to access or use other internet users' software and data without permission. Otherwise, the legal and penal responsibilities arising from this will belong to the member completely. Morpho Sleep reserves the right to claim compensation against the member due to violation of the provisions of this article.

    2.5. By accepting it, it accepts the Communication Permit. Your personal data, which you have given your consent to be shared with Morpho Sleep, can be provided and offered to you with various advantages and all kinds of electronic communication for promotion, promotion, advertisement, sales, marketing, survey and similar purposes can be sent to you via telephone, text message (SMS), e-mail and similar ways. for the purpose of making and sending other communication messages; You consent to the collection, storage, processing, use and transfer to third parties with whom İşbir Holding has a contractual relationship. If the member wishes to change their data sharing preferences, they can forward this request to Morpho Sleep customer service call centers.

    2.6 Morpho Sleep, at any time, may temporarily suspend its operation or stop it altogether. Morpho Sleep shall have no liability to its members or third parties for temporary suspension or complete suspension of the website.

    2.7 Morpho Sleep may make changes in the implementation of this Agreement, as well as amend existing articles or add new articles, in order to comply with future technical requirements and legislation. It may turn the non-membership services of the website into a subscription-requiring status over time, open additional services, change some of its services partially or completely, or turn it into a paid one.

  • 3.1 Morpho Sleep collects some of your personal information (name, surname, number, age, e-mail, etc.) from you in order to better serve its customers. demands. This information collected on Morpho Sleep servers is used within Morpho Sleep within the scope of periodic campaigns, designing special promotional activities for customer profiles, establishing and performing the sales contract. Morpho Sleep does not share the information collected from the membership forms with third parties without the knowledge of the member in question or otherwise, and does not use or sell it for commercial purposes for any reason other than activity.

    3.2 Customer information can only be disclosed to official authorities if this information is duly requested by official authorities and in cases where it is obliged to make a statement to official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation. Only the Customer can access all the information that the Customer enters into the system, and only the Customer can change this information. It is not possible for anyone else to access and change this information.

  • The Intellectual Property Rights of all software and content made available to you on or through the Website will remain the property of Morpho Sleep and are protected by worldwide copyright laws and treaties. Morpho Sleep reserves all such rights. You may store, print and display content provided for your personal use only.

  • Account and password to access your data saved on our site You need to enter your information (login information). It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your login information and other transactions that occur under your account. If you are concerned about your login information or you believe it has been misused, you should immediately notify us by contacting Customer Service at …………….. You can deactivate your account at any time.

  • Member, Contract It accepts and undertakes that Morpho Sleep's book records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records will constitute valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence within the meaning of HMK 193. Turkish legislation in force will be applied in disputes that may arise regarding this Agreement. ISTANBUL Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this Agreement. ="font-weight: 400;">The membership registration of the member means that the member has read all the articles in the Agreement and accepted all the articles in the Agreement. This Agreement was concluded at the time of the Member's membership and entered into force mutually. This Agreement will remain in effect until the Member cancels his/her membership or Morpho Sleep cancels the membership.