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Cool Sleep in Summer with Non-Sweaty Mattresses

For a healthy and comfortable sleep correct mattress choice It is a very important criterion. Sleep quality and quality of life are parallel to each other. A bad sleep directly affects performance during the day and negatively affects focus. The days when you wake up with a good and comfortable sleep are more energetic. People whose work and daily life are brisk, busy and tiring may experience sleep problems as a result of fatigue. Excessive stress, anxiety, various physical and mental ailments also affect sleep state. Healthy sleep becomes indispensable in reducing the negative effects of these situations. The role of sleep in collecting energy, feeling vigorous and fulfilling daily routines is an undeniable fact! Eliminating these problems will greatly improve the quality of life for those who do not sleep deeply at night, whose sleep is often interrupted, and who have sweating problems while sleeping. The suitability of the preferred mattress for the person and the conditions should not be overlooked!

The Effect of Hot Weather on Sleep Quality

One of the things that affect the quality of sleep is the changes that occur in the body during seasonal changes. Weather changes in seasonal transitions can cause some negativities in the adaptation process. Extreme temperatures, especially with the arrival of summer, directly or indirectly affect night sleep. In summer, body temperature rises above the ideal level due to both the hot weather and high humidity. Excessive heat affects the functioning of hormones and causes disruption of sleep patterns. In addition, people with sweating problems, who often sweat a lot, may have even more difficulty falling asleep in the summer. In this case, since sleep will be interrupted, the efficiency obtained from sleep will also decrease. These problems, which occur frequently in the summer season, negatively affect business success and make it difficult to think and concentrate. These situations can be eliminated by taking some precautions so that temperatures do not adversely affect sleep quality! The quality of the mattress to be preferred for a healthy and spacious sleep in the summer is extremely important at this point.

A Spacious Sleep Experience with Morpho Visco Mattresses

Criteria such as the quality of the mattress, the materials it is made from, and the suitability of the person's physical characteristics It has a direct effect on sleep quality. Especially in the summer season when it is difficult to fall asleep, it should be a priority for the bed to prepare the ground for a comfortable sleep. Standard spring mattresses do not allow for an ideal sleeping position with their uncomfortable structure and cause sweating. In addition, the lack of air circulation in such beds can cause the person to sweat even more in extreme heat and cause sleep disruption. Mattresses that are not airtight and extremely soft are not suitable for the summer season! Morpho Sleep's visco mattresses, produced with superior technology and designed for ideal sleep, open the door to a cool sleep in the summer heat. Morpho visco mattress. This ultra-light fabric provides a high level of coolness during sleep with its 4-channel fiber structure and fiber inside. The Visco Cool Gel® layer, on the other hand, creates a cooling effect with gel particles and provides a refreshing sleep experience. Morpho Hecuba Visco Hybrid series includes Cellpur® licensed visco layer. Cellulose particles in this layer trap moisture and create an ideal heat balance, providing a comfortable sleep.

To minimize insomnia in summer heat and to have a cool and fresh sleep experience You can view Morpho Sleep Visco mattress models here!

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