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Ways to Cope with Stiff Neck

Neck stiffness, which is one of the disorders that significantly reduces the quality of life, can be seen widely at all ages. Stiff neck can cause disruption of daily activities by restricting movement. Not sleeping in the ideal sleeping position, choosing the wrong bed-pillow, making a wrong intervention in the neck area can cause stiff neck! In addition, it has been determined that those who work at a desk for a long time in the office and those who have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to get stiff neck. Some exercises to prevent and treat stiff neck will help at this point!

What are the Symptoms of Stiff neck?

In a common stiff neck, the muscles are damaged by stretching. The person can hardly move the neck area and head. Severe pain that occurs when the neck is involved can lead to some negativities if left untreated. Some people may also experience shoulder and arm pain, depending on the severity of neck stiffness. The most common type of pain is seen in the lower part of the neck, and the person may also experience a feeling of numbness from time to time. Neck muscles, in addition to performing head movements, also assist in blood flow to the brain. In order for the body to perform its functions properly, neck stiffness should not be seen as a simple discomfort and necessary precautions should be taken. Causes of stiff neck include excessive stress and anxiety. Usually, when waking up from sleep, the neck is clearly felt. Since stiff neck mostly occurs as a result of straining the muscles, first of all the muscles should be relaxed. In mild symptomatic neck stiffness, home treatment methods may be sufficient. Among them, applying cold compresses to the neck area is the most common method. Using muscle relaxants and taking a hot shower also helps in reducing the pain. If neck stiffness does not last for a long time and its severity increases, it will be healthier to see a specialist doctor.

Perform Light Exercise Movements!

A solution to stiff neck that interrupts daily life is to do light exercises. These exercise movements to be applied in neck stiffness will help relieve the pain in this area by relaxing the muscles. To relax and relax the neck muscles, it is necessary to warm up by doing a few movements first. To warm up, repeat this movement 4-5 times by slowly turning the neck first to the right and then to the left. Then tilt the head forward and lift it up and repeat this movement 4-5 times. Standing or sitting, lift your shoulders up and back. Hold this position for a count of five, then relax. Standing upright, place your hand on the side of your head and push the head to the side. Meanwhile, try to keep your head still and hold for five seconds. Another useful move is to put your hands on your waist and bring your arms back. Try to bring your shoulder blades together in this part and hold for five seconds. With these light exercises that can be done at home, the pain will be reduced. In case of stiff neck, these movements should be done at regular intervals and additionally cold compresses should be applied. Choosing the right pillow and sleeping in the ideal sleeping position is also an extremely important criterion in order not to damage the head and neck area!

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