İnsomnia (Uykusuzluk) Nedir?

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia, also known as insomnia, makes it very difficult for a person to fall asleep and stay asleep sleep disorders. The amount of sleep a person should get depends on the person's age, lifestyle, physical and psychological health, etc. depends on many factors. According to experts, the amount of time an adult needs to sleep in order to be fit is in the range of 6-8 hours. People suffering from insomnia experience chronic fatigue due to not getting enough sleep. While the problem of insomnia due to stress can be resolved with some precautions and changes, more serious treatment methods may be required for insomnia!

Insomnia Symptoms and Causes

Everyone can experience insomnia at some point in their life. These periods can negatively affect a person's quality of life and lead to various disorders. Insomnia is a more advanced sleep disorder, and its most common symptoms include waking up frequently at night. The person has difficulty in transitioning to sleep and cannot sleep for a long time. Even if you sleep, waking up very early can be observed. After a night's sleep, a tired and sleepy state emerges rather than feeling fresh. Problems such as difficulty in focusing on daily tasks and difficulty in remembering things may become evident. Clumsiness and accidents can happen one after another. These can cause nervousness, anxiety, anxiety and depression can be triggered! Insomnia is a sleep disorder closely related to lifestyle. For this reason, the factors that cause insomnia should be focused on and these should be eliminated.

Some negativities in work, school and family life can preoccupy the mind at night and cause difficulty in transition to sleep. Factors such as working in shifts, frequent changes in working hours, and incorrect sleep patterns can cause insomnia. Social media addiction, which is encountered in many people today, and being too busy with electronic devices such as phones and tablets at night prevent the hormones from working regularly. The diet, the room in which the person sleeps and the sleep products they use are also important criteria in sleep health. It has been found that some drugs used in studies also cause insomnia. Using too many unconscious drugs is extremely harmful at this point. Medicines should not be used without the doctor's control. Excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages with stimulant effects further negatively affects insomnia. 2-3 cups of tea and coffee a day is a sufficient measure.

Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment

Removal of insomnia is very important for achieving a healthy sleep. A person should have a healthy lifestyle and meet his vital needs such as nutrition and sleep in a natural way. A passive life negatively affects the person biologically. An active life and light exercises help you sleep better. In the diagnosis of insomnia, a medical examination may be performed if the cause of the condition is unknown. It will also be useful to review sleep habits under the supervision of a doctor. Taking sleep tests called polysomnography at sleep centers can also be good for a more detailed treatment! The brain waves, heartbeat and body movements of the person examined in these centers are recorded all night long. This treatment is preferred in advanced insomnia patients.

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