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What is Conscious Sleep Delay?

The routinized intensity of work, school or family life can prevent socialization from time to time. Although many people prefer to come home and sleep directly after tiring and stressful days, “conscious sleep procrastination" has become quite common nowadays. It is extremely harmful for health for people to delay their sleep because they see insufficient time for themselves. Competent neuropsychologists on the subject describe this as a strike against sleep! Especially the modern age, technological developments and the lifestyles transformed as a result of these have been preparatory for the emergence of this situation. It is useful to take precautions to prevent the problems caused by sleep procrastination and not to make it a habit!

Tips for Not Succumbing to Sleep Procrastination

The daily routine of which is usually very intense and those who cannot socialize individually or socially. In order not to feel disconnected from life, people have started to prefer the way of delaying sleep. The need for sleep varies from person to person, and according to experts, an adult should sleep an average of 7-8 hours a day. With sleep delay, this period has decreased to 4-5 hours and the emergence of health problems has become inevitable. It is underlined that this situation causes many serious problems such as distraction, weight problems, depression, blood pressure and heart in the long term, if not in the short term. Studies have shown that people who make procrastination a way of life feel guilty when they wake up to the alarm in the morning. Although the problems caused by sleeping poorly are known, the number of people who succumb to this situation is not small at all!

Be in Control of Your Mind!

It is possible not to delay sleep, by controlling the mind! In order to prevent this situation and to keep stress under control, it is necessary to stick to the plans made and not to go out of sleep hours as much as possible. To be successful in almost every area of life passes through the habit of quality and adequate sleep. Feeling energetic depends on resting the mind and body. It is also obvious that acting as if to take revenge on sleep will do more harm than good. At this point, it will be beneficial for the person to adopt the motto "the less sleep I get, the less productive I will start the next day". Those who have difficulty in controlling the mind on the subject can make a weekly plan for themselves and, if possible, dedicate their weekends to socializing. In order to reduce excessive stress and load, you can take small breaks and renew your energy during the day. Removing digital devices from the bedroom, especially before sleep, will significantly reduce sleep procrastination. In this way, the anxious mood can be replaced by calmness. By keeping your mind under control, you can stay true to your sleep pattern!

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