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Tips for Easy Adaptation to Autumn

Human physiology is also greatly affected by the autumn season, when the days get shorter and the air temperature starts to drop, and nature is transformed. In this season, which makes itself felt better with the beginning of September, the shortening of the nights and the lengthening of the days affect the sleep pattern, which directly affects life. At the same time, the temperature difference causes an increase in upper respiratory tract diseases. In the summer, the body is more active with plenty of daylight, and in the autumn, less going out and a more passive life affect the metabolism. Especially since this season, the increase in weight gain is striking. Depressive mood, focusing problems, and extreme exhaustion, which are often seen with decreased energy, reduce the quality of life. In these months, when tiredness and insomnia complaints become common, extra attention should be paid to both physical and psychological health. In order to be positively affected by these changes that begin with autumn, it will be useful to take a look at the following tips!

1) The Sleep Environment Should Be Suitable for the Season!

In the autumn season, serotonin, known as the happiness hormone, seems to decrease and accordingly mental problems such as irritability and anxiety increase. When this situation is combined with diseases such as flu and cold caused by insomnia and seasonal changes, it is inevitable that the performance during the day will decrease! Keeping the quality of life high in all seasons actually depends on the care the person will show. Maintaining a sleep pattern is also closely related to making the sleeping environment suitable for the season. You can redecorate your sleep products with these tones, while the warm tones of the summer season are replaced by pastel tones this season!

For a quality sleep, you can choose the right bed for you and turn your bed direction upside down in accordance with autumn. While the biological rhythm of the body changes, factors such as the temperature of the room to sleep and the sunlight entering the room must also be rearranged. The ambient temperature of the bedroom should be in the range of 20-22 degrees, and the room should be as dark as possible in order to fall asleep easily! While preparing the bedroom for autumn, using bedding sets, blankets and objects in trendy earth tones will also have a positive spiritual effect!

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2) Excessive Caffeine and Smoking Should Be Avoided

In the autumn season, when difficulties can be experienced in maintaining sleep patterns, it is necessary to stay away from things that disturb sleep even more. With the cold weather, the length of the nights and the increase in evening conversations increase the consumption of excessive tea and coffee, and this makes it difficult to go to sleep. Drinking coffee, tea and cigarettes repeatedly stimulates the brain with the effect of caffeine and has a negative effect on sleep. Because of these, excessive caffeine consumption should not be done 3-4 hours before going to sleep, it would be a healthier choice to turn to herbal teas instead!

3) Try to Stay Active on Holidays!

The cold weather makes it difficult to go out. Although it makes staying at home more attractive, you can stay active by dressing appropriately for the season and spending time in appropriate places! Physical activities and light exercises can be done to get rid of this negative mood that becomes widespread in autumn. Getting out of the sleepy state, not staying at home is very important in keeping the body active, and even a walk in the open air will add vigor to the person! Taking care of seasonal gardening, taking up new hobbies, doing yoga and meditation in order to set aside anxiety and worry will have a positive mental impact. You can adapt to autumn by taking a look at these tips and applying them, and you can enjoy a healthy sleep!

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