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Morpho Premium Latex Mattress

Continuing to lay the groundwork for the perfect sleep experience by working for healthy sleep, Morpho Sleep, Morpho Premium Latex Mattress added a new one to its product range! Premium Latex Mattress series is specially produced for a quality sleep. With its Tencel-licensed fabric surface and comfort layers, this series promises its users a unique sleep!

Privileges While Sleeping With Premium Latex Mattress!

New Morpho Premium Latex Mattress series has a 5 cm thick latex layer with SevenZone feature. This specially produced series provides excellent support during sleep by applying different pressure to every part of the body. The latex layer maintains the moisture balance during sleep with the circulation in the air channels, thus preventing excessive sweating! Tencel-licensed fabric, with its surface softness, increases the comfort of sleep even more. Hyper soft sponge with high elasticity in the Premium Latex Mattress series is 4 cm thick and designed for extra comfort. The support layer, which is 10 cm thick and 28 dns high, is very sensitive to high pressures. Premium Latex Mattress has a long-lasting structure with its suitability and durability for the person's body characteristics.

A Natural Sleep With Natural Ingredients!

Morpho mattresses are produced for a comfortable sleep with heat and pressure sensitive layers. These beds, which are produced with reference to superior technology, are extremely ergonomic. The Tencel surface in Morpho's new product, Premium Latex Mattress, consists of cellulose fibers and is environmentally friendly with its natural content. With the latex mattress produced from rubber tree sap, a cool and hygienic sleep experience is experienced while asleep.

Morpho Sleep, which cares about environmental awareness and approaches its products with this sensitivity, has the internationally accepted Oeko-Tex certificate. Morpho Sleep mattresses do not contain harmful chemicals and are produced in accordance with environmental standards. The Premium Latex Mattress series has a relaxing and relaxing effect on the muscle structure. With 4 unique layers and ideal thickness, this series promises a privileged experience. At the same time, it offers variety to its users with soft, medium soft, medium hard mattress hardness degrees. The Premium Latex Mattress series has 6 different sizes as 90x190, 100x200, 140x200, 150x200, 160x200, 180x200. For a comfortable and privileged sleep, you can examine the Morpho Premium Latex Mattress in detail from the link below!

Morpho Premium Latex Mattress – Morpho Sleep | We work hard to sleep for you.