Tatilden Rutine Dönüşte Uyku Düzeni Nasıl Sağlanır?

How to Maintain a Sleep Arrangement after Returning from Vacation to Routine?

Taking a vacation after a year-round busy work schedule is very necessary for the body and mind to be discharged. Working uninterruptedly for a long time and not being able to spare enough time for oneself can increase stress even more. Although everyone's understanding and taste of vacation differs, there are numerous benefits to stepping out of the daily routine and taking a break. Experts; He states that drawing a holiday route and even making a travel plan affect the person socially, physically and spiritually! In addition, scientists doing research on the subject suggest going on vacation as a solution to depression, one of the most common problems of our time, and psychological disorders caused by extreme stress. It has also been found that the immune system is strengthened. While the benefits of vacation are many, nutrition after vacation sleep< The order of vital needs such as /a> can be disrupted. The unhealthy state of these needs, which regulate all our vital activities, directly affects the quality of life. For this reason, it is extremely important to regain sleep pattern after vacation.

Stay True to Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise!

Returning to work pace with a rested mind and body increases the efficiency of the work done. Although the transition from holiday relaxation to personal routines can be challenging, it is necessary to stick to some planning. The effect of quality sleep on life is an undeniable fact. Adequate and regular sleep should be a must for a healthy life. It is a very wrong perception in the society that "sleep is wasted time".

It is a common tendency to sleep late and wake up late during holidays. Setting a regular departure time in the morning is an effective way to break this habit. Getting the needed sleep will make the body vigorous and will make you energetic during the day. Waking up early is part of many people's lives! Even if they wake up early, most people report that they suffer from feeling tired and sleepless. In order to stay true to the biological rhythm of the body, care should be taken to go to sleep and wake up at similar times. A warm shower before going to sleep will also help with this. In addition, making the bedroom suitable for sleep, a bed suitable for the person's body physiology and quality sleep It is also very important to choose products.

Eating excessive junk food, fatty and heavy meals, and consuming acidic beverages after the holidays may invite stomach and intestinal problems! This can make it difficult to fall asleep, as this will cause bloating. Especially in the evening, drinks containing excessive caffeine and acid should be avoided, and if possible, light exercises should be done during the day. Regular exercise is helpful in reducing the feeling of insomnia during the day. Heavy work should be avoided 2-3 hours before going to sleep. You can easily adapt to your sleep pattern by following these routines after your holiday!

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