Tek Yastık Çift Konfor: Morpho Viscool Yastık!

One Pillow Double Comfort: Morpho Viscool Pillow!

Using cutting-edge technology in its products with international standards, Morpho Sleep continues to expand its product range to further improve sleep quality. Specially for healthy and natural sleep A new one has been added to the Morpho Sleep sleep products designed with this mission! The new Morpho viscool pillow, prepared for quality sleep, has a closed cell structure and has heat-activated gel capsules on it. viscool visco pillow providing ultimate cooling during sleep offers two different uses! One side of the pillow is visco and the other side is viscool side with gel capsules. Optionally, the other side of the pillow can be used. All Morpho pillows are skin-friendly and have a breathable structure!

A Cool Sleep Experience with Morpho Viscool Pillow

Sleeping in extreme heat and humidity can become a problem for many people, especially in summer heat. Sleeping products to be used in summer should be suitable for the season. Otherwise, the skin may be irritated and the efficiency of sleep may decrease. The filling material of the pillow on which one sleeps during sleep and the natural content of the fabric used on the outer surface are among the important criteria for a healthy sleep. The pillow's breathable and antiperspirant features will provide a deep sleep experience in hot weather! Morpho viscool pillow, produced considering all these needs, has a fabric surface specially prepared with Sanitized technology. This surface prevents sweating by creating a heat balance while asleep. It can be easily washed at any time. Viscool gel technology, on the other hand, contains gel capsules, which paves the way for a cool sleep experience. Oeko Tek certified material is skin-friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals! The visco layer takes the shape of the head and neck region during sleep, opening the door to a personalized sleep. The gel-encapsulated side of the pillow can be used when a cool sleep is desired in the summer heat. At other times, the other side of the pillow can be turned and used as a visco pillow.

Offering double comfort with one pillow, Morpho viscool pillow will be a very suitable choice for people who suffer from sweating. The pressure sensitive viscool visco pillow measures 40x60x18 cm. With the hygiene finish inside the fabric, bacteria formations are also prevented. It has 3 different degrees of hardness: soft, medium soft, medium hard. The outer fabric surface of the pillow can be easily removed and washed when desired, thanks to its zippered structure. For a comfortable and healthy sleep experience, you can review the Morpho viscool pillow from the link below!

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