Depresyonda Uykunun Rolü

The Role of Sleep in Depression

Depression, one of the most common mood disorders today, can be seen in many age ranges. Feeling sad all the time, excessive loss of energy, pessimism, apathy are among the most common depression symptoms. Continuing a pessimistic mood for too long can make life unlivable. Studies have shown that depression is more common especially in adolescence. Medical intervention may be required in depression that reaches a level that prevents daily activities. When you are in a depressed mood, it may be difficult to fall asleep or wake up from sleep. Studies have shown that depressed people do not want to get out of bed even if they do not sleep. It is desired to get away from unwanted feelings and thoughts with sleep. In addition, attention is drawn to the relationship between depression and sleep disorders!

You Should Sleep As Necessarily When Depressed!

Depression is frequently seen in modern life, and it is necessary to seek help from a specialist for treatment. There are many factors in the emergence of depression. Sudden mood changes, news of death and loss, exposure to traumatic events, excessive alcohol, drug use, unconscious use of sleeping pills are among the reasons that trigger depression! It is important to take the necessary measures to cope with this situation that many people experience at certain periods and not to refuse treatment. It is a wrong way to take shelter in sleep to get away from the thoughts that make you feel bad. A person in a depressed mood should sleep as much as necessary. Quality sleep experience and negative thoughts In order to purify, it will be useful to do short meditations before sleep. 15-20 minutes of breathing exercises, light-paced muscle exercises make a positive spiritual contribution! It is extremely important to eat a regular and balanced diet, not to skip meals, and to focus on foods that will keep the body fit.

In case of severe depression, it is absolutely necessary to get expert support. Helping the person to keep their stress under control and to increase their self-esteem are important criteria. Socialization and openness to try new things should be encouraged in order to cope with emotions such as anger, irritability, sadness, hypersensitivity and reluctance, which are often seen in depression. Difficulties falling asleep, waking up frequently at night, and getting back to sleep were common in depressed people in case studies. Getting the necessary support to minimize this situation is a critical point in responding to treatment. Creating and following a sleep pattern in depression, trying to eat healthy, using quality sleep products (Visco mattress, visco pillow etc.) is very important in these respects!

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