The Most Preferred Bedroom Models in 2021

Every year has its own unique trends. There are many factors such as cultural, social and economic in the determination and spread of trends. The outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 and the need to spend more time at home have made many people closely interested in the house, therefore the goods, and fashion trends. In the last few years, the way they decorate houses and rooms has also changed. With the start of the new normal order in 2021, some changes have occurred in the needs. While some of the major trends that have been going on for years have kept their place, functionality has come to the fore in the furniture preferred this year. In 2021, the variety of materials preferred in furniture has increased tremendously. Items and rooms consisting of a combination of many materials such as metal, glass, wood, organic fabric, natural stone and marble began to be designed. Some changes have become more preferable in the bedrooms where the person feels most comfortable and safe. As a result of these trends, the catalogs of companies producing bedrooms have also been substantially renewed!

Bedroom Models in Classical Style

Some iconic models that defy years are the most preferred in 2021 as well bedroom models. Colors such as ecru, gold and ivory are in the foreground in these models where elegant style dominates! It is possible to say that those who want to give the bedroom a heavier and more airy stance tend towards this style. It is quite obvious that those who prefer a more glamorous look in their bedrooms refer to the classical style with stylish sconces, lampshades and hidden lighting. We can say that bedrooms in eye-catching classical style, which demand fine craftsmanship, have remained among the most preferred ones in 2021!

Bedroom Models Integrating with Wood

Those who like softer and more natural forms in contrast to the classical style. We can say that he equipped the bedrooms with the warmth of wood! Each year's color standards are different, so the pantone colors of 2021 were ultimate gray and vibrant yellow called illuminating. Furniture made of wood is often combined with these two colors. Wooden wardrobes, nightstands, dressers were very popular this year with their sincere glamor! In this style, folded blinds, simple and stylish models were among the most preferred. In the big bedrooms, in addition to the bedroom sets, the natural atmosphere of wood has been expanded with the wing chairs and the bedside poufs!

Vintage/Retro Bedroom Models

Vintage reflecting the spirit of a certain era style, decoration and furniture preference is also on the agenda. In 2021, vintage style decor products used in almost every part of the house were used in bedrooms by blending them with furniture and accessories. The vintage items that wink at the old and the second hand met the needs of those looking for different style furniture with their style inspired by the past. Those who want to capture a nostalgic spirit in their bedrooms preferred bedroom sets that they can combine with family heirloom products. For a warm, colorful and historical ambiance, earth tones, white, light pink and blue colors stood out the most in bedroom sets. In retro style, we can say that the furniture and decoration products used in the past are combined with today's models. This year, those who want to create a more romantic and elegant atmosphere in their bedrooms preferred these antique style sets!

Simplicity Trend: Minimalist Bedroom Sets

One of the most preferred bedroom sets in 2021 One of them was undoubtedly the furniture dominated by the minimalist spirit. These furniture, in which care is taken not to use unnecessary products, and which do not strain the eyes, are quite on the agenda! In this style, which is also called the trend of simplicity and based on the slogan "less is more", colors and items are used as little as possible. In minimal style bedroom sets, need-oriented furniture is considered rather than too much furniture. In addition to choosing plain, simple and harmonious main items, it is possible to highlight the striking with decorative objects. The use of soft gray tones, beige and brown tones in bedroom sets brings a calm atmosphere to the space. Sleeping products, bedspreads, pillows and stylish lamps were highly preferred in the bedroom in order to break the very plain image!

In 2022, even though the styles in the bedrooms have changed, hundreds of our happy customers have enjoyed Morpho Sleep quality visco mattress and visco pillows we are sure you will continue to enjoy.

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