2022 Yatak Odası Trendleri

2022 Bedroom Trends

As in every new year, the most popular items in 2022 took their place in the stores! The desire for renewal and change that came with the new year caused some trends to change. The ambiance and layout of the room that will host a quality sleep is extremely important in terms of sleep. A new and different look can be brought to the bedrooms with items, objects and various decoration ideas suitable for every budget. At this point, we can say that the important thing is that the bedroom prepares the ground for a healthy sleep in line with the trends! Based on the most searched words and hashtags throughout 2021, it is seen that more colorful and wood-based items are at the forefront rather than minimal style. Looks that blend many styles are also very popular!

A Natural Bedroom Inspired by the Purity of Nature!

The negative traces that have occurred in nature as a result of climate change in recent years have had an impact on many areas. Details such as the fact that the products used are recyclable and based on environmental awareness have gained importance. While products that contribute to nature attract consumers, they have become more widely used in many sectors. When the situation of spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic combined with this perspective, natural products came to the fore!

Do-it-yourself products and items made with waste materials in the bedrooms were also searched and kept their place on the agenda. Those who want to create a calm and peaceful bedroom that is easy on the eyes can choose white, cream, ecru and light pink tones. The concise design of bedroom furniture and the use of materials such as wood and walnut will be effective in creating a natural atmosphere. These tones, which evoke sleep and serenity, are also the pinnacle for a natural sleep! You can break the monotony in the bedroom with complementary objects dominated by pastel and neutral colors.

More plain, simple designs can be preferred rather than avant-garde style in furniture selection. Mirrors used in wardrobes will be a smart choice to make small bedrooms look larger and more spacious. In a natural and good sleep experience, it is very important that the bed is suitable for the person and that the bedding sets used are made of cotton and natural materials. You can take a look at Morpho Sleep mattress and sleep products here, which takes a healthy sleep with 100% natural products as a mission!

Eclectic and Botanical Touches

In the eclectic understanding that emerged as a criticism of the consumption frenzy of the last period and excessively fast life It is essential to use the available items by evaluating them! We can say that instead of throwing away an item that has deteriorated or worn out and buying a new one, it has become important to use these items by transforming them. As in almost every area of the house, dark green leafy plants suitable for use in bedrooms will be effective both in increasing air quality and adding freshness to the environment. In particular, plants such as aloe vera, sword flower, English ivy, bride flower are extremely useful plants to be found in bedrooms. These small details are very effective in starting the day vigorously with a healing sleep.

The use of light colors on the walls of the bedroom creates a clear look and background. Thus, the objects to be used can be preferred in slightly more colorful and warm tones. A striking look can be achieved in bedrooms by using nostalgic elements in eclectic style. A frame in retro-vintage styles, a tiny painting can help with this. While the trends of 2022 come to the fore in bedroom decoration in this way, you can also make different touches with your own aesthetic tastes!

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