4-7-8 Tekniğiyle Uykuya Hızlı Geçiş

Fast Transition to Sleep with the 4-7-8 Technique

The intensity of social and business life may cause deterioration of some basic needs such as nutrition and sleep. These needs play an extremely important role in keeping the standard of living intact. These should be taken into account in order not to interrupt daily routines. However, sometimes these routines may not go as desired due to unavoidable reasons! At this point, some information and tricks to be gained are effective in making life easier. One of them, the 4-7-8 technique, helps in a better sleep experience!

What is the 4-7-8 Technique?

This breathing regulation technique, which has its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, The method helps the mind and body to relax and relax. This technique, which is often recommended and applied in alternative medicine, positively affects the functioning of the body. It is very important to breathe correctly and effectively in purifying the mind that is overwhelmed by stress, insomnia and excessive anxiety. In the 4-7-8 technique, the breath is taken through the nose within four seconds and this breath is held for seven seconds. Afterwards, the breath held within 8 seconds is released calmly. It will be enough to apply this technique 3-4 times in a row. American Dr. This technique, developed by Andrew Weil, regulates breathing and also helps to relax the nervous system. According to research, when this technique is applied regularly, the transition to sleep occurs within minutes. A trick in the 4-7-8 technique is to try to focus on the moment by removing all bad thoughts from the mind while breathing out!

Prepare for Sleep with the Right Breathing Exercise!

Creating the right routines before sleep and using them making it a habit helps to concentrate more vigorously during the day. Just as factors such as eating and drinking patterns and physical fatigue before sleep affect sleep, breathing in the wrong way also affects sleep. Proper breathing for a quality and adequate sleep affects the person both physically and mentally. It is important to know breathing techniques and to apply them at regular intervals. In particular, the 4-7-8 technique is effective in preventing anxiety and restlessness by ensuring that oxygen enters the body correctly. Sleep disturbance is frequently used by experts. This proposed technique has a positive effect on sleep. A better and healthier sleep is possible with this technique, which is a very simple breathing exercise!

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