6/30 Kuralıyla Mükemmel Uyku

Perfect Sleep with the 6/30 Rule

It can be difficult from time to time to live healthy in this age where we live in modern times and everyone is in a certain rush and intensity. Factors such as nutrition, sleep, sports directly affect the quality of life. The value of healthy sleep is an indisputable fact to start the day energetically and to be healthy and fit. It is possible to have a better sleep by getting rid of habits that negatively affect sleep quality!

What is the 6/30 Rule?

Some simple methods to add to your routine can pave the way for an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep! One of them, the 6/30 rule, was created as a result of scientific research. According to the 6/30 rule, beverages containing caffeine should not be consumed 6 hours before sleep, and electrical devices should not be used 30 minutes before sleep. For a good sleep, it will be healthier to have a certain level of caffeine consumption.

Consumption of Caffeine in Dose and Use of Electrical Appliances

According to experts, excessive caffeine consumption in busy life and work tempo negatively affects the quality of sleep. Drinking beverages such as tea and coffee late in the evening can cause insomnia due to caffeine. Drinking coffee as a habit before going to sleep delays the production of sleep hormone. It is known that consuming heavy, hard-to-digest foods and beverages late in the evening reduces sleep quality. Instead of these, it would be better to turn to foods and drinks that do not tire the digestive system. Turning to herbal teas instead of drinks such as coffee and tea at late hours facilitates the transition to sleep and paves the way for a comfortable sleep! ! For these reasons, it is recommended not to look at electrical devices about half an hour before sleep. In addition, it is recommended that the phone not be in the room to sleep in order not to disturb the sleep. If there is a phone in the room where you will sleep, care should be taken to keep the phone in do not disturb mode. Otherwise, sleep may be interrupted by notifications from the phone and it may be difficult to go back to sleep! It would be a good decision to make this rule a habit in order to minimize the negative aspects of digital screens that we are exposed to in almost all areas of life. Since following the 6/30 rule will increase sleep quality, making this rule a habit will be beneficial in many ways!

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