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Spring Cleaning Tips

Both nature and human being are renewed with spring, which is the herald of the resurrection. Spring is when temperatures rise and flowers begin to bloom; It is the period when mobility begins in nature. Spring with warm air and light wind brings people to freshen up in many things! Intensive spring cleaning begins in the houses where most of the time is spent. Blankets, quilts and some items used in autumn and winter are replaced by items suitable for spring. Apart from routine cleaning, it is also in your imagination to create a certain order and decorate the whole house by refreshing it again while doing spring cleaning! Living in a house whose bottom corner has been cleaned creates a positive effect both in terms of health and aesthetics.

Living Room

The living room, which is the place where family time is spent, is the last thing to be clean and tidy. is extremely important. One of the tricks when doing spring cleaning is to first remove the curtains and wash them. In the meantime, it will be easier to clean the room and the furniture. In addition, if you are using thicker curtains for autumn and winter months, you can place them in a suitable place. Using lighter tulle curtains suitable for spring instead of heavy and dark curtains and tulle will add a fresh look to the house! It is hygienically important to wipe the walls, ceilings and windows with suitable materials. At this point, using a mixture of water and white vinegar will be an extremely natural and effective method. In addition, wiping the seats in the living room, washing the carpets, dusting the furniture in the room in detail will create a spacious image.

Kitchen & Bathroom

The correct cleaning of the kitchen & bathroom, which requires more detailed cleaning compared to other rooms in the house, is very important for health. Small household appliances in the kitchen need to be taken care of and white goods need to be cleaned in detail! The inside and outside of the kitchen cabinets should be wiped and frequently used kitchen utensils should be washed by hand or in the machine in a hygienic setting. The expiration dates of the food and beverages in the cellar should be checked and the spoiled products should be discarded. If there is a deep freezer, it should be taken care of. In the bathroom, a detailed toilet & bathroom cleaning should be done and the used towels should be washed or replaced with new ones. Finally, a scent that will refresh the bathroom can be added to the bathroom!


While doing spring cleaning in bedrooms where most of our days are spent, it would be appropriate to start by removing winter products. Changing sleep products in accordance with spring will improve sleep quality. Making a distinction between summer and winter clothes will provide cleanliness and order in the closets. Turning the used mattress upside down, washing the bedding and pillows is important in terms of hygiene. You can wipe the necessary parts of the headboard, cot or base with a damp cloth. Wiping and dusting cabinets, nightstands and dressers; then removing unused materials will create a refreshing environment.

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