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Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed for Babies

A good sleep is a must in order to be fit and healthy in the flow of life. Sleep habits are usually acquired during infancy. These habits gained in infancy and childhood may become permanent in later years. For a good sleep, attention should be paid to sleep habits starting from infancy.

Sleep During Infancy

Sleep need and duration vary according to growth stages. Taking care of adequate sleep from infancy is extremely important for growth. Babies' sleep times should be adjusted according to their biological clock. Sleeping late and waking up late does not indicate a healthy sleep habit. Babies can be tired and sluggish due to sleep problems. This can exacerbate insomnia. Babies with disturbed sleep patterns may have difficulty falling asleep and entering deep sleep mode. In cases of chronic insomnia, the baby's physical and mental growth may slow down. During infancy, attention should be paid to regular and healthy sleep. Giving babies a warm bath, listening to light rhythm music, and paying attention to the dark room can be a solution to insomnia. Reminding babies with some toys or some words to signal that it's time to sleep is beneficial in the development of the baby's sleep awareness.

Choosing the Right Bed for Babies

Sleep and nutrition are extremely important for the development of the baby during infancy. . Newborn babies sleep approximately 16 hours a day. This period decreases as the baby grows. Quality sleep is very important for the healthy development of the baby's body systems. Experts recommend that babies sleep in their own beds and acquire healthy sleep habits by the 6th month. Since the body is sensitive during infancy and full development has not yet been reached, the suitability of the bed in which the baby sleeps is of great importance. Uninterrupted sleep for babies is important for their development. Physical characteristics of the baby such as height and weight should be taken into account when choosing a mattress. There are many bed models available for newborn babies. When choosing a mattress, care should be taken to ensure that the mattress is produced in the correct dimensions and from the correct materials. Contrary to popular belief, very soft and flexible beds are not suitable for babies. In this type of beds, the spine systems can be badly affected as the babies will be buried in the bed too much. Medium hard beds are more suitable for the development of babies. Visco mattresses that support the body equally are very suitable for babies. Visco mattresses for babies It also prevents sweating and redness during sleep. Babies breathe more easily in this type of bed, and sleep interruptions are reduced. Latex mattresses, which consist of extremely natural materials produced using tree sap, are also among the suitable mattress models for babies. The structure of spring mattress can damage the skeletal system of babies. That's why spring mattresses are not recommended by experts for babies. With its soft texture and organic structure, Morpho baby bed provides an uninterrupted sleep experience for babies. Morpho baby beds have a hygienic structure with their special fabrics.

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