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Choosing the Right Bed for Babies and Children

Sleeping habits are acquired in infancy and childhood. It should not be thought that children can sleep anywhere. In infancy and childhood, children's body structures are not fully established and they need to develop correctly in order to be healthy. Just like adults, children need quality and healthy sleep, and choosing the right mattress is very important. Bed selection for babies and children age range should be taken into account.

Bed Selection for Newborn Babies

Sleep is very important for the physical and mental development of newborn babies. The development of the skeletal and bone system occurs during sleep. Newborn babies sleep an average of 15-16 hours a day. From the 6th month, they leave their mother's side and begin to sleep in their own beds. In order for them to have an uninterrupted sleep, they should be very sensitive about the choice of bed.

Considering the baby's weight and height, an orthopedic mattress should be preferred that will support muscle and skeletal development. Park bed models are the most recommended beds for newborn babies. Park beds that support the skeletal system ensure the correct development of the skeletal structure. parking beds; It is produced using natural ingredients, does not contain chemicals, is healthy. Thanks to their air-permeable structure, rashes, which are common in newborn babies, are also prevented.

Bed Selection for Children

When choosing a bed for children, it is necessary to consider the health of the spinal cord and skeletal system. The spinal cord and skeletal systems of children in developmental age are also developing rapidly. Especially in adolescence, joint and muscle pain occurs due to rapid growth. In childhood, mental development is as important as physical development. Children need uninterrupted sleep in order for the information they learn during the day to become permanent.

Beds that support the skeletal system and development of children should be preferred. There is an anti-bacterial sponge specially prepared for child development in baby and child beds. This sponge can be used on both sides, the mattress cover can be easily washed and dry cleaned. This sponge viscous is not. Visco sponges are not suitable for child development and are not recommended by experts. Bedding for babies and children should be neither hard nor soft. The reason for choosing a medium-hard mattress is to prevent them from being buried in it and to allow them to breathe more easily. In addition, solvent-based chemical materials are not used in these mattresses, they are very healthy mattress types for children. Spring mattresses are also not recommended by experts as they can damage the skeletal system of children. They may cause increased muscle and bone pain, especially in adolescence.

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