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What Kind of Bed Should Those With Low Back Pain Prefer?

Low back pain is chronic or short-lived in approximately 90 percent of adults. Low back pain can have many causes, one of the most important reasons is the use of wrong mattress. Wrong mattress selection can cause serious damage to the lumbar region as it will cause the spine to take an incorrect position. So, what are the types of mattresses that will help prevent and reduce back pain?

Beds to be Preferred for Low Back Pain

The beds to be preferred for low back pain are those that support the whole body and distribute the body weight evenly. Visco and latex mattresses are the recommended mattress types for low back pain. Especially visco bed It has been observed that the patients' lower back pain is significantly reduced in its use. Spring mattresses, on the other hand, can cause low back pain as they cannot distribute their body weight evenly.

Visco and Latex Mattresses

Since the spine and lumbar region will find the correct position in Visco mattresses, muscle pain that causes low back pain is prevented. Since visco mattresses distribute the body weight evenly, the muscles are relaxed. The hardness that should be for those who have low back pain is the medium hardness in visco mattresses. Hard beds can increase back pain. Latex mattresses are also mattresses that support the spine and prevent the formation of muscle and low back pain.

Sweating while sleeping can also cause lower back pain. Standard visco mattresses can sweat due to their structure; however, this does not apply to visco mattresses using Visco Cool Gel technology. Since Visco Cool Gel technology and COOLMAX® mattress fabric are used in Morpho Sleep visco mattresses, sweating situations and low back pain caused by sweating are prevented.
Latex mattresses are more perforated than visco mattresses, preventing sweating. This prevents back pain and muscle wear due to sweating and provides a healthy and comfortable sleep experience.

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