Biyolojik Saat Nedir?

What is the Biological Clock?

Every person has a unique lifestyle. The quality of habits such as nutrition, sleep and exercise plays a big role in daily life. These vital needs affect the person mentally and physically. In addition to this physiological structure of man, he has a biological clock that is integrated with nature. With the biological clock, the functioning of hormones in the body proceeds in an orderly manner. If this order is deviated, disruptions may occur in daily life!

Organization of Biological Rhythm

Just as nature has a functioning and order of its own, the human body must proceed in a natural rhythm. Some nerve cells in the brain regulate the rhythm of life by managing hormones and metabolic activities. Thus, the biological clock is formed and we live in harmony with this clock.

The human organism is actually integrated with daylight. The body wakes up at around 06:00 in the morning and the hormone called cortisone begins to be secreted. The body reaches its highest temperature around 10.00, and productivity reaches its highest levels. Towards noon, distraction may occur as a result of a decrease in productivity and a feeling of fatigue! Therefore, it is recommended by experts to take short breaks in the middle of the day and take short naps if possible. Around 15.00, the energy rises and the memory is renewed. Since digestion slows down around 22.00, there is a decrease in body dynamics. At around 24.00-01.00 at night, the brain focuses the body on sleep. Concentrate is extremely weak! With this biological rhythm, the order of life is formed. Sleep, vital functions such as heart rate and body activity operate according to the biological clock. In order to be able to do daily work regularly and to progress in the flow of life, habits such as nutrition and sleep that directly affect the biological clock should be paid attention to. Staying loyal is extremely important. In this respect, it is necessary to establish a certain sleep pattern and to sleep and wake up at the same time. Sleep problems disrupt the rhythm of the biological clock and cause poor quality days. Every situation that will shake the quality sleep pattern paves the way for some problems to occur. Taking very long plane trips, having jet lag, working at night, trying to sleep in a noisy environment with excessive light can distract the person from a productive sleep. It is important to interfere with the normal flow of life as little as possible in order not to disturb the order of the biological clock! Generally, 7 hours of sleep per day is ideal for the body and mind to function according to the biological clock. Nutrition is also very important in maintaining sleep patterns. During sleep, the body renews itself and stores the necessary energy. Adequate and uninterrupted sleep is essential for both living a quality life and staying true to the biological clock. For this, the person needs to choose the right bedding and sleep products. A healthy life with Morpho visco mattress suitable for every body type and sleep style sleep possible! To reward yourself with quality sleep without disturbing the biological rhythm, you can review Morpho Sleep sleep products here!

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