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What is Neck Flattening?

To live a quality life, care must be taken to be physically and mentally healthy. In order to be more energetic and vigorous in daily life, vital needs should be considered and given importance. In a busy and long work schedule, basic needs such as nutrition and sleep are even more important for desk workers. Especially starting the day with a rested mind and body affects performance throughout the day.

Any situation that will adversely affect the quality of sleep will also negatively affect daily life. One of these conditions is neck flattening, which is frequently seen today. Neck straightening is the condition in which the curved part of the spine is straightened for some reason. This distress in the skeletal system can disrupt both private and business life!

Causes and Symptoms of Neck Flattening

Reasons such as a sedentary life, working at a desk are effective in the emergence of neck flattening. it could be. Sitting in the wrong position for too long can cause both poor posture and various spinal disorders. In neck straightening, the curvature that should normally be straightened and various symptoms are triggered! In addition, the increased use of the phone, being busy with such devices for a long time, carrying very heavy backpacks also affect the posture of the neck. In addition to these, disorders such as scoliosis and kyphosis that occur in the development of the spine can also be effective in neck straightening. Neck pain is the most common symptom of neck flattening, which negatively affects sleep quality, which significantly reduces performance in daily life. Complaints such as difficulty in moving the neck freely, pain in the muscles, headache and neck pain are also common. As a result of these, conditions such as excessive stress and fatigue may occur in the person. These conditions, which closely affect the sleep pattern and quality, require treatment!

Pillow Preference for Neck Straightening

Sleeping in the right position during sleep is very important for the positive course of neck straightening. It will be healthier for those who suffer from neck flattening to sleep on their side or back. Sudden movements that may injure the neck should be avoided, and excessively heavy objects should not be carried. Choosing a bed suitable for the person reduces the load on the spine. Therefore, mattresses that are too soft or too hard should be avoided to properly support the shoulder area. Orthopedic pillows that support the curves of the neck should be preferred for neck straightening. Providing the right amount of support according to the sleeping position, Morpho visco pillow maintains its firmness and shape for a long time! Thanks to its pressure sensitive structure, the pillow takes the shape of the head when the head is placed on the pillow. Thus, a comfortable sleep experience is experienced. In addition, Morpho visco pillow, which has special air channels, prevents sweating and creates a more spacious sleeping environment. Supporting the neck and neck in the best way, Morpho visco pillow helps in minimizing neck flattening complaints.

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