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How to Choose the Right Double Bed for Couples?

Choosing the right double bed for couples is very important for a quality and healthy sleep. When choosing the wrong double bed, couples are affected by each other's movements while sleeping together. This can cause one party's sleep to be frequently interrupted, making it difficult to sleep together. In double beds that provide motion isolation, couples are not affected by each other's movements and have a comfortable sleep experience.

Wrong Mattress Selection for Couples

Wrong mattress selection for couples, uncomfortable It causes a sleep experience and couples getting out of bed tired in the morning. Couples can tell that they are sleeping in the wrong bed from the collapse, tilt and fluctuation of the bed. They also sense each other's movements a lot and often have interrupted sleep. If the bed does not distribute the couple's body weight evenly, vibrations occur in the bed depending on the weight and the bed shakes constantly.

We can give traditional spring mattresses as an example of wrong mattress selection for couples. In these mattresses, because the spring coils are connected to each other, the body weight of the couples cannot be evenly distributed, fluctuations and even collapses may occur in the mattress. This can cause sleep disruption and couples to wake up physically and psychologically tired the next day. These situations can cause problems in the relationship.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Couples?

The right mattress for couples When choosing the mattress, attention should be paid to the material and characteristics of the mattress, and whether it is suitable for the body structures of the couples. Visco, hybrid, latex and natural double mattresses are the recommended mattress types for couples to have a healthy and comfortable sleep experience.

Visco mattresses produced with visco elastic material have emerged as a result of experiments to reduce the load and pressure on astronauts' bodies. Smart sponge viscose has a body-hugging structure. Thanks to its body-hugging structure, couples are prevented from moving too much during sleep. Visco beds; It takes the shape of the body, can withstand even very high weights and provides movement insulation. In double visco mattresses, couples do not feel each other's movements while they sleep.

Double Hybrid mattresses with independent spring technology also provide motion isolation. Package springs, which are the highest segment of spring technology, are used in hybrid mattresses. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, hybrid mattress spring system, the spring coils move independently of each other. In this way, couples are not affected by each other's movements, while one person moves, the other does not feel. Morpho Sleep Visco Hybrid mattresses provide a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep experience for couples.

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Latex mattresses, are produced from latex, a completely natural material. The latex material is obtained from the milk extract of the rubber tree. The most important feature of double latex mattresses is that they distribute the body weight evenly and provide movement insulation. For this reason, couples are not affected by each other's movements, and there is no vibration and shaking problem in the bed. Latex mattresses prevent mattress fluctuations caused by body weight. Only one region is not burdened by weight and burden. Thanks to its balancing structure, it offers couples a sound sleep.

Double beds, which are made of completely natural materials, also distribute the body weight of the couples equally. As with Visco and latex mattresses, natural mattresses provide motion isolation. In addition, they have natural air channels due to their structure. Natural mattresses that allow the mattress to breathe continuously are a healthy mattress alternative for couples who have sweating problems while sleeping.

There is a choice in choosing a double bed. Another important issue is that the mattress is in a structure that can breathe. If the selected mattress is not in a breathable structure, sweating problems may occur due to sleeping with two people in double beds. Standard, low quality visco mattresses can cause sweating. There is no sweating problem in Morpho Sleep visco mattresses where ViscoCool Gel® technology is used. ViscoCool Gel® technology provides maximum cooling. Morpho Sleep visco mattresses offer a spacious and comfortable sleeping experience for couples.

In addition to all these, another issue to consider when choosing a double bed is the duration of use of the bed. When using a double bed, it is easier for the bed to deform in a short time. For this, the durability of the mattress and whether it is suitable for long-term use should be checked. Another important issue is that the mattress is easy to clean. Because double beds are more likely to get dirty. The fact that the mattress is easy to clean increases the durability of the mattress. Visco, latex and natural mattresses are easy to clean. They are also suitable bed types for long-term use.

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