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Drinks That Help You Sleep Better

In order to focus on work in the daily routine and get the most out of the day, good sleep is very important. Sleep is also a vital need like nutrition; Healthy sleep means healthy living. It is useful to examine the sleep habits acquired from childhood to adulthood in terms of healthy sleep! Because some wrong behaviors can lead to insomnia. One of them is some drinks that are consumed before sleep and affect sleep negatively. Frequent consumption of these drinks before sleep can become a habit. In this way, your sleep period may be interrupted!

Drinks That Can Disrupt Sleep

Some days in life, it may be necessary to sleep later in order to do things to do. In such cases, some drinks can be used to increase energy and resist sleep. One of the first to come to mind among these drinks is coffee. Caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system and gives the person vigor. Although this amount of caffeine varies according to the type of coffee, a cup of coffee contains an average of 80-120 mg of caffeine. When caffeine is consumed during the day, it energizes the body and enables better concentration. However, the habit of consuming coffee frequently in the late evening can lead to sleep problems after a while. In addition, studies show that drinking coffee before going to sleep delays the activation of sleep hormones. Since everyone's body is different, this may vary from person to person. That's why it's good to stay away from coffee consumption late after dinner! Another of the caffeinated drinks is cola, which is consumed especially with dinner. Coke both creates bloating in terms of health and makes it difficult to fall asleep. In this respect, it is more correct to consume less. Although not as much as coffee, tea consumed in excess can also cause sleeplessness. A cup of tea contains an average of 40-50 mg of caffeine. Tea should also be consumed in moderation. In addition to these, consuming drinks such as acidic fruit juice and energy drinks at a late hour can disrupt the routine balance of the body. Consumption of these drinks before sleep should be avoided for a healthy sleep!

Drinks Good for Insomnia

Insomnia that occurs from time to time can make the person mentally and physically tired. Some drinks to be consumed can help to eliminate the sleep problem. The first beverage that comes to mind and recommended by experts is herbal teas. Chamomile and lemon balm tea are among the herbal teas that help sleep. Chamomile tea helps in reducing stress and mental fatigue during the day with its calming effect. Chamomile tea is also extremely beneficial for health with the antioxidants it contains. Melissa tea, like chamomile tea, facilitates the transition to sleep. It also reduces boredom and stress and relaxes the person nervously. Another beverage that accelerates the transition to sleep is milk. Unless you are allergic to lactose, consuming warm milk before bed can lead to better sleep. Consuming these drinks before sleep instead of heavy, sugary and caffeinated drinks helps for a healthy sleep. In this regard, it may be necessary to change some habits for healthy sleep. A quality sleep is possible with the right drinks consumed in moderation!

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