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The Effect of Posture Disorder on Sleep

Posture disorder, which is a problem that directly affects daily life, is a problem that should be considered and treated. Posture disorder affects sitting, standing and walking. Because of this disorder, the person may have difficulty performing physical activities. Because the waist, legs and arms cannot provide a balanced stance. Although it is seen as a situation that is taken lightly in society, pain can occur in the body due to poor posture. Pain is most common around the back, waist and neck. Working and living conditions are among the factors affecting posture disorder. From time to time, the person may see his or her posture as abnormal. The back may appear more hunched and the head may appear further forward. Working at a desk for a long time, sitting cross-legged frequently, carrying heavy bags will damage the spine, so posture is also affected.

Posture Posture Directly Affects Health !

Posture posture is closely related to spine health. The important thing in a correct posture is that the body parts are integrated with each other. Thus, less energy is provided against gravity and less fatigue is felt. When a wrong posture becomes a habit, more effort is made. For this reason, both the spine health is damaged and fatigue occurs. Posture disorder affects many things, from the functioning of the spine to sleep. Pain may occur as a result of incorrect posture and these pains can make it difficult to sleep. Uninterrupted sleep can also be a dream.

The Relationship Between Correct Posture and Good Sleep

Unfortunately, due attention cannot be given to correct posture in the flow of daily life. However, correct posture affects many things, from sleep to sitting and getting up. It is possible to live a better quality life thanks to some steps to be taken to prevent posture disorder! Care should be taken to ensure that the positions are in the correct curvature while standing, sitting and lying down. You should not stay in the same position uninterruptedly. Performing light exercises at regular intervals and correct posture are also very effective. During the night sleep, the person should lie in a suitable sleeping position. Sleeping all night in an incorrect sleeping position causes various pains and also causes sleep disruption. Otherwise, it may be difficult to spend the rest of the day with poor quality and insufficient sleep! It is important to catch the right posture for an adequate and peaceful sleep. If there is a posture disorder, it should be corrected, sleep habits should be reviewed, and the correct sleeping position should be determined. Since sleeping in the prone position will strain the back and neck, the habit of sleeping in this position should be abandoned. Frequent practice should be done for a correct posture.

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