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How to Avoid House Dust Mites?

House dust mites, which are invisible living creatures, reduce the quality of life in the living area. These mites, which are encountered in the indoor environment, are one of the major factors in the formation of allergies. House dust mites, which should not be taken lightly, can cause diseases such as asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis in sensitive bodies! They generally live in bedding, carpets, fabrics and furniture. When mites multiplying in hot and humid environments are not disinfected, they can cause some health problems. It will be useful for those with allergies to consider these points!

What Should Be Done to Eliminate Mites?

House dust mites multiply especially in the bedroom. Inhaling dust mites unknowingly during sleep can cause serious discomfort. Therefore, the hygiene of the bedrooms, where most of the day is spent, is extremely important in this regard.

Pillows, duvets and bed needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Using pillows and quilt covers that prevent the permeability of mites is an effective method at this point. In particular, bed linen should be washed every two weeks above 60 degrees. It would also be appropriate to choose anti-allergic products that do not hold dust in the choice of mattresses and pillows. The room should be ventilated frequently and the humidity in the room should be reduced. Wardrobe cleaning should be done regularly and all eyes of the cabinets should be wiped with a soapy cloth!

Very thick, low permeability curtains should not be used and the bedroom should be provided with sunlight. Preferring thin and easily washable curtains is effective in eliminating house dust mites. Items such as carpets and objects that collect too much fluff should not be kept in the room. Wool and silk items can also hold dust and mildew. Such items should be kept in a sealed box. Otherwise, the mites will multiply here even more! Vacuuming rooms well with a vacuum cleaner with a powerful filter also works. Especially the bedroom should be wiped with a damp cloth 2-3 times a week and the room should be ventilated at the same time to dry the floors. Care should also be taken to prevent the formation of dampness in the house. In order to be protected from house dust mites, which can spread very quickly in the kitchen and bathroom, it is necessary to take out the garbage accumulated in the kitchen or bathroom without waiting. It is very important to pay attention to these points in order to prevent allergies and live in a hygienic home.

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