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Is Daytime Sleeping Healthy?

Necessary for the body's physical, spiritual regeneration and rest plays a decisive role in a healthy life. The required sleep time varies according to the characteristics of the person, age and seasonal conditions. Sleep duration decreases to 8-10 hours during the transition from childhood to adolescence. The daily sleep duration of an adult is 6-8 hours. In advancing age, sleep duration decreases as body functions slow down. Good sleep is a must for psychological regeneration and memory restructuring at all age ranges!

It has been determined that those who work in extremely intense and tiring jobs want to sleep more as a result of too much stress. Night sleep is extremely important in order to start the day vigorously and stay energetic throughout the day. In addition to night sleep, short naps during the day are also quite common. Daytime sleep contributes to body vitality when done within the framework of certain rules. A person who has slept enough at night, when he sleeps at noon, his body is refreshed and becomes more vigorous. As a result, physical performance and thinking speed increase. Daytime sleep is also very useful for those who cannot get enough efficiency from night sleep. According to experts, the important criterion here is that the daytime sleep does not exceed 45 minutes!

What is Daytime Sleep?

People who start their day quite early and work hard may feel exhausted in the afternoon. In the meantime, sleep is very healthy in terms of gaining efficiency in the body. Daytime sleep, also known as power nap, noon nap, has a reinforcing quality. As a result of experiments, it has been observed that daytime sleep increases physical and mental vitality. Metabolism, which is worn out and tired by daytime sleep, also recovers itself naturally. The immune system is strengthened, stress and anxiety are reduced. It has been determined that the rate of staying at ideal weight is higher for people who sleep well. The activation of hormones that accelerate fat burning during sleep contributes to this point. Studies have shown that the stress levels of those who sleep for a short time during the day are reduced, and it is noted that these people are more positive. Daytime sleep, which contributes to the ability to think and problem solve, will be very beneficial in mental work. Ideal daytime sleep boosts creativity and boosts morale. Daytime sleep is extremely beneficial in many ways in order to protect and increase the energy during the day and to rest the body! It has been observed that those who cannot sleep well at night due to different reasons improve their motor skills, their perceptions are refreshed and their distractions decrease with daytime sleep. At this point, it is important to determine the situations that negatively affect the person's sleep. Sleeping room, bed and sleeping products should provide suitable conditions for healthy sleep. Since the structure of the bed will directly affect the quality of sleep, one should be very selective in choosing the bed. Promising perfect sleep by taking the shape of the body with its body temperature and weight, Morpho Sleep visco mattresses ideal for any sleeping position! Morpho Sleep mattresses, which are extremely hygienic with their structures that do not contain harmful chemicals, add vigor to the person by providing an uninterrupted experience of both night and day sleep! You can find Morpho Sleep sleep products produced for everyone who wants a quality sleep at this link!

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The Ideal Time for Daytime Sleep

According to the researchers, the ideal duration of daytime sleep is around 30 minutes for adults. Daytime sleep of more than 45 minutes is not recommended as it will cause drowsiness! It is recommended that children sleep for 1-2 hours during the day. It has been determined that 10-15 minutes of daytime sleep will be sufficient when the work environment and environment are not suitable. In addition, it has been determined that daytime sleep has effects such as memory strengthening and renewal. While brain functions improve during daytime sleep, it has been predicted that this sleep may be beneficial before heavy work. In fact, some companies, which refer to the research results on this subject, offer employees the opportunity to sleep in the workplace. According to experts, the ideal hours for daytime sleep are 14.00-16.00 in the afternoon. Being able to evaluate these hours is important in terms of resting the body. About 6 hours after the morning wake-up time can be referenced to determine the time when sleep will be most productive! In many Mediterranean countries, there is a practice called siesta, especially between 14.00-16.00. This practice is very common especially in Spain and Latin American countries. The siesta, also known as a nap, represents six hours after sunrise, which is the equivalent of noon. The most important point to be considered in daytime sleep is that you should not sleep for more than 45 minutes. Otherwise, various ailments and health problems may occur. Excessive sleep can make the person unconscious and sluggish instead of rejuvenating. Pay attention to these!

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