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How to Choose a Bed for Pregnant Women?

Did you know that pregnant women spend more energy than normal and therefore their sleep needs are higher? Pregnancy is a period of insomnia and sleep is of great importance in this period. Especially in the last months of pregnancy, with the increase in body weight, muscle and joint pain may increase. For this reason, bed selection is very important for a comfortable sleep during pregnancy. When the right mattress is chosen, there is a visible reduction in pain and sleep problems are reduced.

The Importance of Sleep for Pregnant Women

Fatigue due to changes in hormones in the early stages of pregnancy This causes more sleep. Again, in the early stages of pregnancy, sleep problems may occur, as the enlarged uterus presses on the bladder and often needs to go to the toilet. In the later stages of pregnancy, with the growth of the abdomen, it becomes difficult to sleep uninterruptedly in a comfortable position. Muscle and joint pains increase with the weight of the baby. As the birth approaches, sleep problems may increase. Uninterrupted and comfortable sleep is very important for the health and development of both mother and baby. Choosing the right mattress during pregnancy will solve all these problems.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Pregnant Women

The most suitable mattresses for pregnancy; latex and visco mattresses. Because these mattresses support the body of pregnant women, allow them to move freely, prevent muscle and joint pain and sweating problems. In addition, thanks to its durable and high-quality material structures, it is also very suitable for postpartum use.

Latex mattresses; pregnant women Ideal for; Because latex is a natural and comfortable material, it promises a healthy sleep. Since latex mattresses distribute the body weight equally, no extra load is placed on any part of the body. This prevents the most common joint and muscle pains during pregnancy. Although it is difficult for pregnant women to find the right position during sleep, latex mattresses offer the necessary support in this regard as they offer comfortable movement. Latex mattresses, which have a natural structure that breathes, also solve the problem of excessive sweating during pregnancy and allow pregnant women to spend this process in the healthiest way.

Visco mattresses; are produced using visco elastic material, they have a structure that takes the shape of the body. It wraps the body completely, is resistant to high weights and distributes the weight in the best way. It eliminates joint and muscle pain and provides great relief in the spine. At the same time, since it provides motion isolation, couples are not affected by each other's movements, which provides a comfortable sleep experience. Visco ViscoCool Gel® technology used in mattresses is effective in pregnancy with its cooling effect. It prevents sweating, which is one of the most common problems. Chemical materials are not used in the production of visco mattresses, which is another important issue for pregnant women. Mattresses using synthetic materials can cause serious health problems in pregnant women. Breathing chemical materials will be negative for the health of the baby as well as the health of the mother. For this reason, when choosing a mattress for pregnant women, care should be taken that the materials of the mattress are completely natural.

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