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How to Choose a Bed According to Weight?

A good sleep is an important factor for us to spend the rest of the day productively. There are many factors that affect a good sleep. Sleeping equipment, bedroom design, eating and drinking patterns are just a few of the things that affect sleep. The physical characteristics of the person also have an effect on achieving good sleep. In order to achieve quality and adequate sleep, appropriate choices should be made considering the physical characteristics. Choosing a bed according to physical characteristics such as weight and height is one of the first steps to be taken for a better sleep.

How Do Body Weight and Height Ratio Affect Sleep?

According to weight ratios determined by experts bed preference would be helpful. The body mass index calculation, for which the World Health Organization determines the reference ranges, can also help in this preference. Based on the height and weight status, it will be revealed whether you have excess weight or not according to the result. Body mass index may vary according to gender and age in children and young people, this point should be paid attention to. Although body mass index is important in determining excess weight, it is not the only criterion. In addition, measurements such as the waist and neck thickness of the person and the width of the hip circumference can also be checked. It is also an important point how much of the weight in the body is fat and how much is muscle. In general, the range of 58-105 kilograms is considered normal weight for adults. 105 kilograms or more is classified as overweight. Of course, these values differ according to variables such as height, gender, and fat ratio. Excess weight has unfortunately become an increasingly common problem nowadays. Research bases the causes of overweight on many different points. One of these points is the modern lifestyle. City life and fast-paced business life have changed their eating habits and led people to fast-consuming food and beverages. As a result, the problem of overweight and obesity has emerged. The relationship between nutrition and sleep patterns undoubtedly affects the quality of life. In case of overweight, it is inevitable that sleep problems will arise. Excess weight can be caused by overeating, irregular and unbalanced nutrition, and lack of movement. Lack of sleep is also a risk factor for overweight. All these points should be considered when choosing a mattress. Choosing a bed according to one's own characteristics is very important in terms of both spinal health and sleep efficiency. People of normal weight experience less sleep problems than overweight people. These people should choose a bed suitable for their weight. Particular attention should be paid to points such as the hardness of the mattress. It would be a good decision for people with normal weight to prefer softer mattresses.

Bedding for Overweight People

The relationship between weight and sleep is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of life. Overweight people sweat more during sleep than normal weight people. Uninterrupted sleep can also be a dream when the problem of sweating is combined with an incorrectly chosen mattress. For a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep, overweight people should take extra care in choosing a mattress. In these people, more pressure is applied to the mattress, which also affects the life of the mattress. Problems such as low back and back pain, insomnia, not being able to sleep easily are often seen in overweight people. In order to minimize their occurrence, the right mattress suitable for the weight should be preferred. For overweight people, it is important for their health to sleep in the right sleeping position and in a properly selected bed without damaging the spine system. Standard spring mattresses are not a suitable option for people who are overweight. Because of the extra weight, the spring mattresses are more deformed, so the life of the mattress will be shorter. In addition, the weight is not evenly distributed in these beds. For this reason, it would be better for overweight people to prefer orthopedic springless mattresses.

Morpho Sleep produces more visco and latex mattresses with smart technology provides innovative solutions with the production of mattresses for those who have weight problems. With its air-permeable mattresses, it eliminates the sweating problem that arises due to excess weight. Visco mattresses that wrap the body and distribute the weight evenly are also ideal mattresses for overweight. Latex bearings made of durable materials also help prevent deformation at this point. Overweight people suffering from low back and back pain can also take a look at orthopedic mattresses.

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