Kış Mevsiminde Yorgan/Yastık Tercihi Nasıl Olmalı?

How Should Quilt/Pillow Preference Be Made in Winter?

Nature renews itself as the seasons change. Human nature is also affected by this renewal process; physical and mental changes can be seen. Changes in temperature during seasonal changes directly or indirectly affect human health. Especially in the transition from autumn to winter, infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, allergic diseases, etc.

The decrease in sun rays and cold weather conditions can create a depressive mood on people's mood. It will be useful to start the season in a prepared way to minimize such situations as we transition into the winter season. In particular, adjusting the used items and textile products to suit the season, and carrying out a detailed winter cleaning will also positively affect mental health! Due to the long nights in winter, more time is spent in bed, so it is very important that bedding and sleeping products are hygienic. Otherwise, both the risk of disease increases and insomnia may occur. Therefore, the duvets and pillows preferred in winter should be suitable for the season and the person.

Hot Quilts and Pillows Offering Comfort!

With the cold weather, night chills increase. With the transition from autumn to winter, sleep products change. Duvet cover sets, visco pillowss, quilts are made suitable for winter. Quilts with high heat holding capacity are preferred in order not to get cold at night. In this respect, it is extremely important to choose the right quilt so that sleep is not interrupted. Goose down duvets, which are more preferred by people who use natural products, keep them very warm. Thanks to their thin structure, cotton duvets both prevent sweating and keep them warm with the natural cotton they contain. The type of quilt especially preferred by those living in cold climates is wool quilt. With its thick and natural structure, it prevents chills at night and keeps you warm. It has a slightly heavier structure than other quilts. Silk quilts, which are another type of quilt, have a very light and soft structure. In addition, thanks to their anti-allergic properties, they reduce the problem of sweating. The needs and budget of the person should be taken into consideration when choosing a duvet in winter.

Like a duvet, the quality and suitability of the pillow is extremely important for a comfortable sleep. There are many types of pillows produced from many materials in the sector. Designed for a perfect sleep experience, Morpho Sleep visco pillows are suitable for all seasons. These pillows, prepared with the Visco structure, have special air channels. With poor blood circulation, which is even more common in winter, hands and feet can get colder. The Morpho pillow is pressure sensitive and supports the space in the head and neck area. Morpho pillowcase prevents the formation of bacteria with its hygiene finish. Thanks to its zippered structure, it can be washed whenever desired, and it is very hygienic in this respect. In order to have a warm and comfortable sleep experience in winter, you should pay attention to the choice of duvets and pillows.

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