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What Should Be Considered When Choosing the Right Mattress Firmness?

Choosing the right mattress is very important for a healthy sleep. When we choose the right mattress, the spine is aligned and supported in a straight line, which prevents various ailments such as muscle and joint pain. There are many criteria for choosing the right mattress, mattress hardness is one of the most important criteria to be considered. When we choose a mattress of the wrong firmness, new body pains may occur and existing chronic body pains may increase.

How Should Bed Firmness Be Preferred?

Yachtwhite hardness expresses the density of the mattress, it shows what kind of surface it has. Mattress hardness is divided into three as soft, medium-hard and hard. Mattress firmness rating is from 1 to 10. Beds with a score of 1 represent the very soft, beds with a score of 10 represent the hardest beds. It is not correct to generalize for the most accurate mattress firmness selection. Considering our own personal habits and characteristics, we should choose the ideal hardness mattress. It would be correct to choose mattress firmness by considering sleeping position and body weight.

Accepted weight ratios for mattress firmness are as follows;


  • 58 kilograms and under; thin,
  • 58 – 105 kilograms; normal weight
  • 105 kilograms and above; overweight

Beds that support the body in the best way and ideally hard for the spine will provide a comfortable sleep experience. So, who should prefer soft mattresses, who should prefer medium hard mattresses, and who should prefer hard mattresses? For example, if you have a habit of turning too often while sleeping, soft mattresses will not be suitable for you; because your ability to move on the soft bed is restricted. Or if you are a very overweight person, again soft mattresses will not be suitable for you.

Who Should Prefer Soft Mattresses

Soft mattresses, contrary to popular belief, are good for health. It is not the most comfortable and most comfortable bed type. The right mattress should not be too soft; Because soft mattresses cannot fully support the necessary parts of the body and the spine, they can cause health problems in the long run. When we sleep in soft bedding, we sink into it, which makes it difficult to move and turn around. We cannot fully maintain the natural position while sleeping, which makes it difficult to get a healthy sleep. Overweight people should not prefer soft mattresses; Because they will be buried too much in the bed, they will not be able to maintain the correct position during sleep. Weak people may prefer soft mattresses as their weight can be balanced.

Who Should Prefer Medium Firm Mattress

Medium firm mattresses are the most popular mattresses recently. It is the most preferred type of bed. Medium-firm mattresses are ideal for people of normal weight. It allows movement during sleep, supports the body and allows the spine to take its natural position. Since it supports the whole body, waist and back, muscle and joint pains are prevented. If your weight is normal and you don't have a chronic condition, medium firm mattresses are ideal.

Who Should Prefer Hard Mattresses

Hard mattresses are preferred by overweight people It is the type of bedding. Firm mattresses prevent the body from sinking into the mattress and fully support the body. If your weight is over 100, firm mattresses will provide the best support for your body. The disadvantage is that it can cause pressure on the hip and compression in the spine.

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