Koronavirüs Salgını Sürecinde Kaliteli Uykunun Önemi

The Importance of Quality Sleep in the Coronavirus Outbreak Process

Quality sleep has a very important place in daily routine. In order to fulfill routines with a healthy mind and body, attention should be paid to sleep patterns. During the coronavirus epidemic, when the concept of normal changed completely, it is obvious that sleep patterns are out of the ordinary, as in many other things. With the coronavirus epidemic, new cases such as spending more time at home, changing the daily work tempo, working remotely, going out in a controlled manner have played a role in the change of sleep patterns. When the feeling of comfort of being at home is combined with the remote working model, the sleep pattern has started to take shape accordingly. Under normal conditions, an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night is sufficient, but during the coronavirus epidemic, daytime sleep has become widespread instead of night sleep. In addition, when the uncertainty of the course of the epidemic combined with stress, sleep deprivation has also become normal. However, even if it is an epidemic period, due consideration should be given to good sleep, which is one of the vital needs. has been. Since news such as the spread of the epidemic, the news of death and the increase in the number of patients lead to negative psychological consequences, it has become difficult to get a good sleep. The obligation to stay at home for a long time during the epidemic led to the deterioration of the night-day balance. The problem of insomnia has become widespread when the disruption of a regular lifestyle is combined with anxiety and excessive stress. Sleeping until late at night and waking up very late in the day disrupts the body's biological clock, which affects all hormones. Those who work from home need to establish a certain order so that they do not experience difficulties while adapting to the epidemic process so that their working efficiency does not decrease. Experts state that, despite everything, vital needs such as sleep and nutrition should be given due importance during the epidemic and caution should be exercised in this regard. Frequent insomnia during the corona epidemic causes the brain to not function properly. In this period when the daily flow radically changes with the epidemic, it is of great importance to stay true to the sleep order even if you are in quarantine!

What to Do for a Good Sleep During the Epidemic

When anxiety prevails It is vital to manage the crisis well during the epidemic period. In order to be able to carry out daily activities, it is of great benefit to continue life as if in normal order! Otherwise, it may be inevitable to encounter many problems. Some steps to be taken to prevent a decrease in productivity will be appropriate. During the coronavirus epidemic, one of the most necessary needs should be given the necessary sensitivity to sleep. In this period when the balance is disturbed and times of crisis prevail, sleep patterns should be maintained. You should go to sleep and wake up at the same time; It may be beneficial to engage in some activities to prevent excessive stress and anxiety. There should not be too much room for worry and worry. Even if you are in quarantine, the day should be started by making daily plans. Very heavy, fatty and unhealthy foods should not be consumed frequently, and excessive caffeine should be avoided. Sleeping equipment should be suitable for the person, the bedroom should be ventilated frequently, especially in these days when you stay at home. It is possible to reduce daily tension with some light exercises during this period when the movement is also reduced. It would also be beneficial to create a suitable environment for this. It is also recommended by experts to read a book before going to sleep for a healthy sleep. The effect of the bed on sleep is an undeniable fact. For a healthy sleep, a bed that will rest the person during sleep that is suitable for physical characteristics should be preferred. The mattress should support the body correctly. When choosing a mattress, attention should be paid to factors such as the material of the mattress, its size and its suitability for the person's height and weight. It would be appropriate to take a look at mattresses in visco, latex, orthopedic varieties! Equipped with smart technology, Morpho Sleep mattress types allow a good sleep during the corona epidemic! Thanks to Morpho visco mattresses, it is very easy to achieve an uninterrupted and good sleep.

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