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How Does Blue Light Affect Sleep?

Today, with the change in living conditions, some changes have emerged in basic habits. Intense, stressful city life, long and tiring working hours have led to changes in vital needs such as nutrition and sleep. When these changes are contrary to the biological clock, physical and mental problems have become more and more widespread.

Technological developments have been quite decisive in changing these needs. The increasing use of technology in the last 20 years has caused sociological, psychological, cultural and so on. has greatly affected people. In this period when devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers and TVs are widely used in almost every home, experts state that the blue light emitted by these devices has negative effects. Increasing use of technology and frequent exposure to this light before sleep reduces the quality of sleep. Experts underline that devices such as phones and tablets should not be used about half an hour before going to sleep! Blue light, which inhibits the secretion of the hormone melatonin, makes it difficult to go to sleep, reduces sleep quality and even it causes insomnia!

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a piece of light that the human eye can see. Blue light is divided into two as beneficial and harmful. While the blue light from the sun is very beneficial for human health, the blue light emitted from electronic devices can cause adverse health conditions. This light, which has a very high energy level, is found in devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and TVs that are widely used today. Blue light, which directly affects eye health, can damage cells in the eye over time. This light, which causes dry eyes, can also reveal serious eye diseases such as cataracts and eye cancer. It has been determined that those who work at desk jobs and are exposed to this light intensely experience more eye pain and fatigue. Necessary precautions should be taken to protect from this light, which seriously affects health, and attention should be paid to sleep patterns.

How to Avoid Blue Light for a Good Sleep

How difficult it is to live away from electronic devices in today's living conditions. However, it is possible to reduce the damage caused by these devices with some precautions! Blue light, which reduces the quality of sleep and makes it difficult to go to sleep, can be filtered with a simple step. It would be a good decision to activate the blue light filter, especially on phones, tablets and computers that are almost always at hand. Nowadays, it is unfortunately a common habit to spend time on the phone just before sleep. Experts recommend quitting phone use about half an hour before going to sleep. For people who work intensively on the computer, the use of glasses that protect against blue light will be very useful in this regard. Glasses of this style will help protect eye health and reduce eye strain. It is also useful to choose the background color in warmer tones according to the version and features of the electronic devices used!

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