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Care of Sleeping Products in Seasons

As nature changes from one season to another, changes are observed in many things. These changes can affect the person physically and mentally. Studies show that the weather has a huge impact on people. During the seasonal transitions, ailments such as colds, flu, allergies, etc. are common. In order to minimize these ailments, it is of great importance to consume healthy foods and keep the immune system strong. In addition, with the change of seasons, some changes can be seen in the body. Hair loss, excessive dandruff begin to be seen more in these transitions. For this, more attention should be paid to both nutrition and sleep patterns, and if necessary, vitamin supplements should be taken. For quality sleep, the sleeping environment must be hygienic in all respects. The hygiene of the bed, pillow, sheets and duvets on which you sleep is very important, especially during these periods. The key to healthy days is in a comfortable sleep!

Sleeping Products Should Be Hygienic!

Everyone wants a good sleep in order to relieve the tiredness of the day and reduce tension and stress. For a good sleep, the necessary environment must be prepared. At this point, it is very important that the mattress and pillow are suitable for the physical characteristics and needs of the person. Bed linens and sheets should be washed regularly in sleep textiles. These are of great importance in preventing effects such as hair loss, skin dryness and dandruff during seasonal changes. These products, which are in direct contact with the face and mouth during sleep, must be hygienic. Sheets and duvet covers can be washed at regular intervals at 40 degrees. Since the sheets dry easily, they should not be kept in the dryer for too long. Otherwise, the fabric texture may be damaged. A quality sleep is essential in order to feel good both physically and mentally and to be healthy during the seasonal transitions. For this, attention should be paid to the quality and cleanliness of sleep products!

Pay attention should be paid to the choice of the bed to sleep on. Otherwise, mattresses made of poor quality materials that are harmful to health may cause you to wake up with some pain. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, attention should be paid to the material, fabric and hygienic nature of the mattress. Morpho Sleep, natural visco mattress and pillows provide a comfortable and quality sleep opens. Open-celled Morpho visco pillow and mattresses, bacteria compared to other mattresses, It is more resistant to mold and microbes. In this respect, it has a very hygienic structure. Visco mattresses that take the shape of the body provide a healthy blood circulation by applying pressure to all points of the body. Solvent-based chemicals commonly used in the mattress production industry are not used in Morpho visco mattresses! In addition, the outer surfaces of the beds are in the form of covers. This outer cover can be washed periodically at 30 degrees delicate wash program. This feature also provides a great ease of washing during seasonal changes.

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