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Why Montessori Bed?

Montessori education; It is an educational model that we hear frequently today and is used in child development. This education model, which is preferred by families, helps children make their own decisions and aims to raise responsible children. Thanks to this education, the child is taught that he is also an individual. The most important part of this education, which gives the child the opportunity to achieve everything on his own. Montessori baby bedis. Because during this education, it is very important to arrange the household goods in accordance with the child. That is, for the correct and efficient implementation of Montessori education, Montessori bed should be knowledgeable about.

What is a Montessori Bed?

Montessori bed; These are the types of beds that are arranged in accordance with Montessori education and that the child can easily reach by himself. It is aimed that the child can easily get in and out of the bed. Montessori beds are close to the ground, designed as a floor mattress. It gives the child freedom of movement and independence. The child, who reaches the bed comfortably, acquires the habit of sleeping on his own more easily.

Benefits of Montessori Bed

The features and benefits of the Montessori mattress, which contributes to child development, are as follows;

1)Montessori beds have completely natural ingredients. They are extremely suitable beds for children's health. Cotton, natural wool, latex and coconut fiber are used in these mattresses. Thanks to their natural structure, Montessori mattresses prevent formations such as bacteria, mold and fungus; creates a healthy space and sleep environment for children.

2)Montessori beds are easy to clean. Thus, dirt and bad odor that threatens children's health is prevented.

3)Thanks to the air pores of Montessori mattresses, children are prevented from sweating or getting cold regardless of the season.

4)Montessori beds provide a suitable environment for children to take responsibility for themselves. The child learns how to make his bed. Gains the habit of cleanliness and order. The child who learns on his own also develops a sense of responsibility.

5)Montessori beds, which help the child to become an individual, also reveal the potential of the child. It is wrong to think that children need everything. The child who is not given responsibility becomes dependent on the parent. The child who receives Montessori education does not need anyone other than himself over time.

6)Montessori beds are also a playground for children. Develops children's imagination. It is very important for the child to have a space of his own and to be free in this area for his mental and physical development. The child, who has a space of his own, learns how to manage this space and gains a sense of responsibility. It is observed that addicted children who are not freed and whose sense of responsibility has not developed experience psychological problems in later ages.

Thanks to Montessori education, children who take their own responsibility increase their self-confidence and the world. They become open to communication. Problem solving and learning skills will increase. They feel stronger and more resilient. So, with Montessori education and beds, you can prepare your child well for life.

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