Romatizması Olanlar Yatak Seçiminde Nelere Dikkat Etmelidir?

What Should Those With Rheumatism Consider When Choosing Beds?

The efficiency of sleep is very important in order to increase the quality of life. The good functioning of the mind depends on the good rest of the brain. In this respect, adequate and quality sleep is of great importance in every moment of life. According to experts, an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per day is sufficient for an adult. For a peaceful sleep, each person should choose sleep products according to their own characteristics. Because these choices have a direct effect on a comfortable sleep. People with health problems should be more sensitive in these choices. Those who suffer from rheumatism need to be very meticulous in choosing a mattress. Otherwise, rheumatic pains may become more severe!

The Relationship Between Rheumatism-Sleep

Rheumatism, which is frequently seen in society, causes chronic pain in the body. Rheumatism affects the joints, bones, muscles and connective tissues throughout the body. Since it is a disorder that directly affects the musculoskeletal system, it is also associated with posture positions. The exact cause of rheumatism cannot be known; It is generally accepted that many factors cause rheumatism. In addition, rheumatism can be seen in almost every age group. In case of progression of rheumatism, various pains can be seen in the muscles, joints, back and waist region. Regular treatment is essential as this will limit movement. These pains are usually felt after sleep. Arrest is among the most common symptoms. Those suffering from rheumatism need to choose the right mattress to minimize pain and swelling. When the wrong bed is preferred, rheumatic disorders can be exacerbated! Rheumatism and sleep are closely related. It was determined that the complaint of waking up tired in the morning and feeling tired all the time were caused by rheumatism related to the muscles. Pain can interrupt sleep and it can be difficult to achieve uninterrupted sleep. For this reason, the room, bed and other sleep products should be suitable for the person and offer a comfortable sleep. In addition, in order to alleviate rheumatic pains, it is necessary to be at the ideal weight and pay attention to the diet. Exercise exercises, especially light-paced walks, are very beneficial.

The Effect of Bed in Reducing Rheumatism Pain

Choosing the right bed directly affects a good sleep. Choosing the most suitable mattress for everyone provides a comfortable sleep experience. People with rheumatism need to be very selective in choosing a mattress! Serious health problems may occur if the wrong mattress is preferred; As a result, the person may be deprived of doing daily work. Those with rheumatism need extra sleep as the muscles and bones will rest and renew themselves during sleep. Those with rheumatism should first choose beds that will rest their bodies and eliminate their stiffness. Mattresses made of the right materials and quality fabrics are the right option for those suffering from rheumatism. The body weight should be evenly distributed and there should be no load on the spine. It would be right to prefer visco and latex mattresses for pain relief and an uninterrupted sleep.

Visco Mattresses are made of special materials, take the shape of the body with body temperature and weight, thus preventing sleep interruptions. It offers a unique experience for resting and regenerating muscles and bones. Latex mattresses made of natural materials are also a very suitable option for those with rheumatism. Thanks to their air pores, these mattresses also provide relief in terms of hygiene. Orthopedic mattresses are the beds that should be preferred by those with low back and back pain. Orthopedic mattresses align the spine correctly, support the body and also improve blood circulation. It also minimizes local pain. Morpho Sleep mattress models are very suitable for people with rheumatism in terms of being produced with superior technology and having these features.

For a comfortable and quality sleep where the pain is reduced Morpho Sleep mattress models!

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