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Dream Sleep Relation

It is a well-known fact that one third of life is spent in sleep, during which countless dreams are seen. In the REM stage of sleep, there are visual and auditory perceptions and emotions in the dream. Various beliefs, predictions and mysteries have been loaded into dreams that have been the subject of curiosity throughout history. During sleep, eye movements accelerate while dreaming, and sometimes there may be situations such as self-talk. Dream means "seeing" in Arabic and is accepted as a reflection of the subconscious in terms of psychology.

Dreaming in REM Sleep

In REM sleep, which is one of the homes of sleep and starts approximately 1-1.5 hours after falling asleep, the heart rate accelerates and the mental activity in the brain increases. This period in which the person is in deep sleep lasts about 2 hours. Dreams seen in this stage cause intense emotions such as anxiety, fear and excitement in the brain.

According to studies, it has been determined that dreams occur for about 6 years throughout life! Experts state that dreams seen in this stage are felt more strongly. Most of the people awakened at this stage of sleep stated that they remembered the dream and could not easily get out of the dream. This rate is less in non-REM dreams. Although there is no clear reason for dreaming too often or too little; Frequent dreamers are known to suffer from reduced sleep quality.

How Do Dreams Affect Sleep Quality?

In sleep studies, the increase in cognitive and physiological activities during the dreaming phase has attracted considerable attention. Dreams seen in the REM stage are remembered more after sleep, and this situation adds to the memory. At this point, dreams in the REM stage cause some memories and experiences to be forgotten, while others cause better recall. It is common for the information recorded by the human memory to appear in dreams. Although dreams that are open to interpretation are interpreted differently by people working on this subject, actually dreaming is based on a scientific basis. It is normal to have logical or absurd dreams. A person who dreams with a normal frequency, because he goes through all the stages of sleep in a healthy way. sleep quality means high!

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