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The Effect of Sleeping Habits on Success

Quality of life sleep adequate and good is extremely important. Everyone's sleep habits may vary according to the flow of daily life. Experts who say that sleep habits start to take shape from infancy state that it is necessary to sleep at least 5-6 hours a day. It is very important for children to sleep in their own rooms and beds, especially while they are gaining the habit of sleeping from childhood. In this period, factors such as creating a calm sleep environment and regular sleeping hours pave the way for a healthy sleep habit.

A quality Sleeping in a visco bed, going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, establishing certain routines helps the body to keep up with the biological clock, and thus the efficiency from sleep increases. Children's school-age nutrition and sleep patterns have a direct or indirect effect on their academic and social success.

Sleeping Habits of Successful People in the World

Although the sleep habits of those who adopt a successful life differ from each other, this The common point of people is that they attach great importance to quality sleep. The time allocated to sleep varies according to age, needs and health status. Sleep patterns of the most important leaders in the world are important in terms of seeing their various sleeping habits. We can say that Einstein broke a record with this hour, which is above the ideal sleep time. It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci, known for his own sleep pattern, slept for 20 minutes every 4 hours. Da Vinci calls this sleep pattern “Uberman”, in other words, superman sleep! Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, slept about 7 hours a day, sticking to the ideal sleep time. It is known that Mozart, one of the geniuses of classical music, slept for 5 hours a day, woke up around 06.00 in the morning and worked on his compositions. Famous inventors Tesla and Edison are among those who do not like sleep very much. These names, who see sleep as a waste of time, used to meet their sleep needs by sleeping briefly during the day. Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, is one of those who find 6 hours of sleep sufficient as a result of his experiments and research! English novelist and poet Emily Bronte is known to walk in circles around a table until she falls asleep.

Habits have changed as a result of changing needs in the past and present. Sleep, which is one of the basic needs, is very effective on success and quality of life. The efficiency of 7 hours of sleep, which experts and scientists have determined as ideal today, may not have the same effect on everyone. During sleep, the body is repaired, the necessary hormones are secreted, and the information acquired during the day is stored. For a more successful life, it is necessary to pay attention to more regular and quality sleep habits.

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