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Things to Know About Sleep Stages

Sleep is very important for our physical and mental health. According to experts, an adult needs an average of 7-8 hours of quality sleep per day. Knowing and applying some details of adequate and quality sleep to start the day energetically and rested will be beneficial for health! It gives information about the details of the 5 stages of sleep during sleep. During these phases, some changes occur in the body. A healthy passing of these stages is associated with good sleep.


In the first stage, non-REM sleep, the mind and consciousness are in light sleep. This stage is divided into four stages: N1, N2, N3, N4. While the first two stages are lighter sleep; In the last two stages, deep sleep is experienced. In this stage, eye movements are quite slow, heart and breathing rate decreases. Brain activity also slows down. Dreams seen in this stage, which is also called slumber among the people, are usually not remembered!


It is the stage in which the complete transition to sleep is experienced. In this phase, the movements in the muscles slow down considerably and the muscles relax. Sleep is quite superficial in this respect, consciousness is sensitive to stimuli and is likely to wake up easily. The shortest lasting phase among the sleep phases occurs in this phase.


According to research, it is said that half of sleep is experienced in this stage. Eye movements that slow down in the first stage slow down even more and come to a halt. Body temperature drops further, some waves begin to spread in the brain. This stage generally accounts for 45-55% of sleep time. This phase is known to last about 20 minutes.


It would be beneficial not to wake up the sleeping person suddenly in this stage where sleep is experienced in the deepest way. The body starts to repair and renew itself at this stage, which is very important in this regard. The immune system, cell renewal and growth also take place in this phase. The third stage accounts for 20-25% of the overall sleep time. It is an extremely important stage in terms of physical development.


This phase is also known as the dream phase. Eye movements, which have slowed down in other stages, begin to accelerate in this stage with the effect of the dream. According to experts, it is stated that activities such as mental memory regeneration take place in this phase. In addition, growth hormones are also secreted at this stage.


This stage, which is the end of the sleep stages, is called REM sleep. In REM sleep, where the brain is highly active, the brain works intensely to prepare itself for the day. In addition, the body kind of locks itself at this stage and a temporary sleep paralysis condition can be observed. It is necessary not to wake the person in this stage, if he is awakened, a state of tension and nervousness can be seen.

In order to experience these stages in a healthy way, it is necessary to make things that increase sleep quality routine in daily life. Eating healthy, exercising, albeit lightly, and staying away from alcohol will improve the quality of sleep. Good sleep is good life. Since the bedroom is well ventilated and choosing suitable sleep products will directly affect a good sleep, these should be paid attention to!

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