Uyku Meditasyonu Nedir?

What is Sleep Meditation?

As a result of the intensity of modern life, noise, visual and light pollution, and extreme digitalization, many habits have changed. It is seen that sleep, which is an indispensable part of a healthy life, is also affected by these changes. Along with new habits usleep habits also vary from person to person.

As a result of the deterioration and fragmentation of night sleep, performance during the day has decreased. Busy, stressful work life and private life have damaged the concept of healthy sleep. With the increasing prevalence of insomnia in the society and the emergence of sleep problems, various treatment methods have emerged. Sleep meditation is one of them. The purpose of sleep meditation applied for a better sleep is to relax and reduce stress.

How Does Sleep Meditation Affect Sleep?

It is known that conditions such as stress, anxiety and psychological health problems are effective in the emergence of sleep problems. In order to get away from thoughts that cause anxiety and anxiety, it will be very beneficial to do sleep meditation before going to bed at night! Sleep meditation, which aims to empty the mind by isolating from external factors in a comfortable environment with comfortable clothes, facilitates the transition to sleep. Studies have shown that regular sleep meditation has positive effects on sleep quality. Thanks to meditation, energy is added to the body, happiness and peace are added to the mind. In this way, negative energy is avoided!

You can do sleep meditation on your own or with the help of an audio guide. This meditation can be done in a comfortable area in the bedroom or on your bed. You can get help from various applications to do sleep meditation with an audio guide. Before meditation bedroom should be well ventilated. Having a calm ambiance in the room will increase the quality of sleep. It is extremely important that the bed and sleep products are suitable for the person at the point of good sleep. We can say that sleep meditation is a useful method in terms of both falling asleep and maintaining uninterrupted sleep. Experts underline that the brain is positively affected as you meditate!

Techniques of Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation, which directs the mind to correct and positive thoughts, makes sleep healthy. Experts recommend sleep meditation as an additional treatment, especially for those who have problems such as sleep apnea and insomnia. 10-15 minutes before going to bed will lay the groundwork for a comfortable sleep.

There are some steps to make sleep meditation, which reduces negative thoughts such as fear, anxiety, worry and restlessness, correctly. It is important to start with breathing exercises to increase awareness. Calming down and slowing down the mind by adjusting the breathing rate is a priority! It is very important to focus at the beginning of meditation, the breathing exercise part must be performed correctly to calm the body. Secondly, the person should imagine himself in a place where he will feel happy and peaceful. It is very important to keep the imagined place alive in memory visually. Trying to understand one's self-esteem and self is the key point in sleep meditation. For a natural and healthy transition to sleep, meditation should focus on the moment and sleep. Sleep meditation, which facilitates the transition to deep sleep, both increases the level of happiness and reduces negative thoughts. It is possible to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable sleep by applying the techniques correctly! Suitable for all body types and sleeping styles Morpho visco mattresss! To reward yourself with quality sleep without disturbing the biological rhythm, you can review Morpho Sleep sleep products here !

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