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Effects of Pre-Sleep Phone Use on Sleep

Today, with the development of technology and the change in needs, many innovations have been added to the daily routine. The most prominent of these is the widespread use of smart devices. This multiplicity of usage, which has become widespread from seven to seventy, has also affected life from many points. Quality sleep, which is indispensable for the continuation of daily life, is closely related to this situation! The situation, which has been detected by experts in most of the people who have sleep problems recently, has been associated with excessive phone use before sleep. Unfortunately, a close relationship has been found between the blue light emitted by smart devices and the difficulty in falling asleep as a result. Knowing these effects and taking precautions will undoubtedly increase the quality of life!

The Effect of Blue Light on Falling Asleep

Smartphones, which have recently become a part of life and are in the hands of almost everyone, not only make life easier, but also bring some problems. Intensive use of devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers before sleep causes a negative effect on sleep hormones. Some problems have arisen as a result of the widespread use of these devices by everyone from small to large. Today, it has been determined that the main reason for many of those who suffer from insomnia is due to this situation. In particular, the excessive prevalence and continuous use of social media is closely related to eye and sleep health! The prolongation of the pre-sleep time of dealing with the phone directly affects the quality of sleep negatively. According to studies, it has been observed that the sleep quality of people who are too busy with smart devices just before sleep decreases. Overexposure to blue light found in smart devices makes it harder to fall asleep. Under the influence of blue light, the sleep signals transmitted from the eye to the brain are disrupted. This also invites sleep problems. Blue light directly affects many systems, from eye health to heart and sleep health. Factors such as social media use, overindulgence in technology affect health negatively in many ways! Since this will deprive the person of quality sleep, it will be the best solution to use smart devices in moderation.

Instead of Using a Smart Device Before Sleeping...

Saying goodbye to smart devices at least two hours before going to sleep will open the door to a good sleep. The mind, which is heavily exposed to these devices during the day, should prepare itself for sleep before sleep. Instead of being exposed to blue light before sleep, it is a better decision to engage in different activities. Eating light food instead of oily and salty meals before sleeping, giving priority to herbal teas rather than caffeine, and listening to relaxing music will bring one closer to being healthy. Especially drinking chamomile tea before going to bed, reading a little book, using dim light, personalized sleep products are quality products. It will prepare the ground for sleep. While being exposed to the use of blue light excessively during the day, it should not be exposed too much before sleep. For a healthy life, adequate efficiency should be taken from sleep and necessary steps should be followed for a good sleep!

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