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The Effect of Sleep Positions on Sleep

Mental and physical vigor directly affects the activities to be done during the day. Achieving a vigorous mind also requires adequate and good sleep. It is possible to catch a good sleep with some tricks. One of these points is to determine the correct sleeping position. If there are complaints such as neck, back and joint pain when you wake up in the morning, you may be sleeping in the wrong sleeping position. Even if the bed is chosen in accordance with the physical characteristics of the person, the wrong sleeping position can reduce the quality of sleep. Sleeping positions starting from childhood can become a habit in the following years. In order to understand whether the sleeping position adopted for years is suitable for the person, it will be useful to look at the efficiency of sleep when waking up in the morning. The position taken when going to bed for the first time is usually the position that is habituated to fall asleep. The effect of sleeping position on the quality of sleep is very important. For these reasons, it is useful to find the sleeping position in which you will feel most comfortable for a good sleep!

The Effect of Sleeping Prone and Back on Sleep

According to research, it has been determined that most people tend to sleep on their stomachs. It may seem difficult for those who make a habit of sleeping on their face to give up this sleeping position. However, sleeping face down can bring some health problems. Since both the neck and spine are not in the proper position during prone sleep, the skeletal system may be damaged due to this. Under normal conditions, the body should be positioned in a flat position during sleep, while the opposite shape occurs in prone sleep. In addition, since pressure will be applied to the stomach and abdomen during sleep, it is possible to experience pain in these areas when you wake up in the morning. Since the head is in a position that should not be turned to the right or to the left during prone sleep, cramps and pain may be seen in these areas during the day. Sleeping face down is not a good sleeping position for sleep health. For these reasons, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct sleeping position for a better quality and sufficient sleep.

Sleeping on your back, which is another sleeping position, is actually one of the most correct sleeping positions in terms of the shape of the body. In supine sleep, the head, neck and spine are in unity. Contrary to prone sleep, in this position, there is no pressure on the head area, so there is no pain problem during the day. When this position is supported with the most suitable mattress and pillow, it will make sleep even more efficient. Also best for back sleepers visco bed, hybrid mattress and latex mattress. Thanks to these mattresses, the body weight of the person is evenly distributed. If a suitable sleeping position is chosen for the person, the quality of sleep is doubled. Apart from these, it is not recommended to sleep on your back in some special cases. Sleeping on the back may be inconvenient for pregnant women, those with back pain, and those with sleep apnea. It has positive and negative sides. Side sleeping is one of the sleeping positions that many people prefer. In this sleeping position, which has a relaxing effect, the spine lengthens extra due to its shape. During sleep in the side-lying position, the pressure is concentrated in the hip and shoulder area. People who sleep in this position should prefer visco and latex mattresses instead of standard spring mattresses. Visco and latex mattresses will completely wrap the body and distribute the weight evenly, thus preventing those who sleep in this position from having trouble. It is recommended for those with snoring problems to sleep on their side. Sleeping on its side has some disadvantages as well. In this position, skin problems may occur as the skin is in contact with the pillow during sleep. Therefore, extra attention should be paid to the hygiene of pillows and pillowcases.

Lying with the legs pulled to the stomach, known as the fetal position, is also a very common position. It would be more correct to lie to the left in this position, which is known as the position in the mother's womb and has an instinctive feature. Because when you lie to the left, the pressure on the organs will decrease even more. Another important point in this sleeping position is not to stick the legs to the body too much. If the legs are pulled towards the body too much, contraction may occur, which reduces the quality of sleep. For quality and adequate sleep, the person should determine the most suitable sleeping position. In this way, the desired efficiency will be obtained from sleep.

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