Uyku ve Stres Arasındaki İlişki

The Relationship Between Sleep and Stress

One of the keys to living a healthy and peaceful life is undoubtedly quality and adequate sleep. During sleep, all or part of the consciousness becomes passive against external stimuli. When the person is asleep, his reaction power decreases. In the meantime, we can say that a state of rest and renewal occurs. If a person does not sleep enough and quality during the day, whether he is doing less or more active work, this situation affects the psychological and physiological state of the person during the day. According to studies, it is recommended that a person sleep less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours. Although this situation varies according to certain age ranges, the average recommended sleep time according to experts is 7 hours. it is a need. On average, one-third of life is spent sleeping. From a psychological point of view, the brain, which works actively all day, rests during sleep, and new information learned during the day is processed during sleep. In addition to night sleep, short naps in the middle of the day also refresh the mind, increase attention and concentration. The important thing is to get the right amount of sleep at the right time intervals. If this is done, the expected efficiency from sleep will be obtained. In addition, memory categorizes itself during sleep in terms of mental, short and long-term memory is renewed. A good sleep refreshes memory, facilitates learning, increases working power.

How Sleep and Stress Affect Each Other?

The systems of the body are integrated with each other. In quality and adequate sleep, the immune system is renewed and the feeling of hunger is balanced. Unfortunately, some problems may arise when sleep, which is of such importance, is not given the necessary importance. One of the problems caused by insufficient and poor quality sleep is stress. The relationship between sleep and stress is interconnected. Today, as a result of changing conditions and needs, it has become inevitable to be exposed to more stimulants. The crowd and noise of the city with the effects of modern life; sound, visual pollution and many other stimulants tire the mind. No matter how little it is desired to be exposed to these stimuli in daily life, since people cannot live independently from the environment, they have to be included in this flow. The important thing is not to expose oneself to these stimuli excessively. Under these conditions, when a person in a rush is sleep deprived, stress comes with it. We can say that sleep and stress are intertwined in these respects.

What are the Problems That May Occur When Stress Causes Insomnia?

A good sleep is the key point to keep up with today's changing life conditions. While the stress in the dose affects the person's life positively, the long-lasting and persistent stress will prepare the ground for both physical and mental health problems. The exponential increase in stress affects sleep, leading to insomnia and causes a decrease in the resistance of the person. When our mental health is tense, it becomes difficult to make the right decisions, and a dichotomy may occur in terms of emotions and thoughts. When stress is not managed properly, it will be difficult to continue with life as psychological resilience will decrease. Excessive stress and insomnia can pave the way for disorders such as anxiety disorder and depression. Sleep disturbance can also cause loss of appetite. As a result, body resistance may decrease and the immune system may be damaged.

What are the Benefits of a Good Sleep?

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